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pinchingo Posts: 341
Girlies I need some serious HELP! I tired my dress on Sunday and it won't zip up. I have a good diet, protein shake for brekkie soup and ryvita for lunch and salad for evening, i walk 3.5 k in the morning, spin or body pump at lunch and a 5k run most evenings I am not cheating and even gave up my beloved diet coke! I am losing inches but not weight and I need to lose approx 2 sizes before the end of March. Is there anything I can do with my dress to make it bigger ?? I can't seem myself losing a stone in 8 weeks I know it possible but i've been on this health kick since the New year and haven't lost any weight only inches really start to panic ! HELP O:|
Mrs Fahrenheit Posts: 1582
pinchingo why isn't your dress in your size? Anyway, my dress is vintage and didn't zip up the back and they were able to add in some material that was on the bottom of the dress to make it bigger. You need to get yourselve to a seamstress ASAP. Don't rely on just losing weight - your putting yourself under far too much pressure.
jezabelle Posts: 607
Reading your post is a bit confusing cos if your losing inches you should have no issues, Weight is just a number if inches are being lost cos thats what will make your dress fit!!! I bought my dress in my size and if anything it was a bit loose on the waist and just right on the bust, I got it in a sample sale so I had it 6mths before the big day, I lost 1 stone in the run up to the wedding, and for some insane reason put on about 2 inchs on my bust! But lost 4 inches on my waist, Tried the dress on and I swear to god I taught my life was about to be over the dress wouldnt have gone up more than half way no matter what we did!! So about 1 month to 3 weeks before the wedding I brought the dress to a dress maker and told her what i wanted done!! I would be good at dress making but there is no way i'd be good enough to do my own wedding dress, i got my bridesmaids dresses made so got the same lady who was amazing to put a new back in in theory!! Basically what she did was took the zip out of the dress put a panel in the back of the dress, So it was a v shape, at the back, Stitched it in one side and put a zip in the other, you couldnt see the zip and it looked like the dress was ment to be like that! Made it into a lace up back, so it was now corset style as opposed to a zip back!! and it looked 10 times better!! So Dont panic something will be able to be done!!
babydust2012 Posts: 4736
[quote="jezabelle":1mlszvhg]Reading your post is a bit confusing cos if your losing inches you should have no issues, Weight is just a number if inches are being lost cos thats what will make your dress fit!!! [/quote:1mlszvhg] + 1, your post is a little confusing? I would say from all the exercise you are doing you are most likely building muscle which will change your shape? You really wont drop 2 dress sizes in 8 weeks so as Miss Fahrenheit said, get yourself a seamstress ASAP, they should be able to work something out for you. PS Protein shake for breakfast? Would you not have a cereal or piece of fruit? I hope your OK though, I know you must be stressing out :action32
pinchingo Posts: 341
Thanks for the replies Girls. My dress was always tight cause I am convinced the lady in the shop decided I needed to lose weight (have heard she has done this before if she doesn't like ure shape) But it always zipped up but this weekend it didn't was so shocked cause I have lost 3 inches on my belly and 1 inch on my bust and i/2 inch on my arms so I thought I was flying so don't why it didn't zip up cause seemlily its better to lose inches. Anyway was talking to my dressmaker and she said that she wouldn't have a problem letting it out if I cant get into it she can use material from the bottom. really don't want a lace up back have been avoiding them since I started to shop for the dress. Re: Protein shake it helps my muscles recover so thats why I have one for brekkie and keeps me full until after the gym at 2pm (have a snack at 11am) I never really eat breakfast so its handy for me and its much better than most cerals.
Luka Posts: 1904
It sounds like you are gaining muscle to replace the inches you lose through fat loss. This is good in a way, as having more muscle makes your body burn cals better. I understand how the high protein/low carb thing works, but you may be consuming too much protein, & this is why you aren't loosing weight. My dad was a weight lifter & did track & field years ago ( as a past-time) & he was on protein shakes etc but he was still a big man & muscly from all the protein. I think 4 to 7 oz of protein is the recommended intake a day to protect muscle while losing weight & to ensure weight loss with a low carb diet. You may be going over the cal intake per day to ensure weight loss. Hope this helps!