Help needed for venue in South East

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exciting times Posts: 98
Hi guys, Really struggling to find a venue in the south east. O:| Very little reviews on Tower Hotel and reviews for Faithlegg are very mixed. Will be inviting 140 guests. Would love to hear if any one has any other suggestions or reviews about the tower or faithlegg. Thanks a mil :heartbeat:
StellaBella Posts: 432
I have been to weddings in both... and they were great weddings... I know that the Woodlands hotel is gone very popular for weddings because they are doing a great package. I think the Tower is nice, but doesn't feel very personal, as I attended a wedding there and there was alot of other things going on in the hotel at the same time.Faithlegg is beautiful but I think is expensive for what you get. I live in Waterford, but i am going home to Wexford to be married, and I found myself steering away from coming to Waterford for the reception, as the hotels in Wexford have better deals and are decorated beautifully. Would you consider The Brandon House Hotel in New Ross, that is a smashing place, and i know lots of people from Waterford going down to Ross for their reception.
exciting times Posts: 98
Thanks StellaBella I completely agree with you about Faithlegg - although it would be very handy for me I think they are over priced and our not willing to budge on prices... >:o( I think Im going to have to widen my search to Kilkenny or Wexford. Lots of people seem to be travelling down to Brandon house must pop down to have a look. Do you know anything about Stanville lodge? Thanks ...
StellaBella Posts: 432
Yeah I checked out Stanville Lodge, and it was lovely, i think it is nice for a smaller wedding, but i didn't really see any wow factor.. but i have only ever heard good reviews on weddings there, u should check out, Brandon House, Talbot, Ferrycarraig.... Personally we are going with the Riverside Park Enniscorthy, it is a beautiful hotel.. beautiful function room, bridal is good, and staff are second to none... we are getting a brilliant deal as we are having our wedding during the off peak wedding season. Check ur inbox, just sent you a pm
Jomcodoodle Posts: 284
There is a thread on about faithlegg at the min which you should read before considering them. We are looking at waterford castle as a potential venue, its amazing, the staff are superb but it is extremely expensive. The other 'above average venues we found in the south east area were lyrath in kilkenny and castle durrow in laois, ballyfin in laois and brandon court in new ross
exciting times Posts: 98
Thanks a mil for reply - yep just read that on :o( Went up to Lyrath they were lovely to deal with - was all for booking there but two things are niggling at me 1. The hotel itself is fab but it's a little disappointing that the room is quite ordinary and 2. The room rates for guests is quite high but I still havnt ruled it out. Will have a look at the above hotels Thanks again :compress