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Ghostbuster Posts: 1268
Hi all, I have had a hard time trying to find an outfit for my work xmas party this year and was wondering if you could help as I haven't got a clue at the best of times!! I bought a little black dress in oasis and it has small silver and faintly golden sequins scattered here and there on it. I don't think I should wear anything round my neck as it could be a bit too much seeing as the bust area has some sequins, however I would like to match up earrings, a bag and shoes and possibly a bracelet or something. My watch recently fell apart so I won't have anything on my wrists. I wish I could show you a picture of the dress but it's not online! Anyway - don't mean to bore you I just feel that it's getting harder as I become older to get 'with it!' :lol: Should I wear black or gold shoes? If so any suggestions of good stockists? Also - haven't a clue what type of earrings I should get as the gold is noticeable on most of the sequins but so feint that it's difficult to match earring colour with it. Sorry for rambling - I'll understand if nobody answers! :oops: Thanks
beaker Posts: 379
Why don't you get some sparkly strappy silver shoes/sandels to go with the dress and knock everybody dead!
Ghostbuster Posts: 1268
Hi Beaker, Thanks for that - I think they would be perfect only for one thing.... I bought those exact shoes you are describing to go with my wedding dress about a week ago and of course I can't wear them!! Arrgh! I suppose I could buy another but they would be so similar I wouldn't want H2B to see them. Do the shoes need to be silver do you think? Are most girls wearing silver or gold with LBD's this season? Thanks again!
Frankie Posts: 1571
I'm wearing black shoes with my lbd (well outfit). Simply because I'm a big wuss & can't be bothered with cold toes syndrome on the way home. Trust me, it won't matter if you're wearing your beer boots!!!! Mine kind of look like these & you can get a silver trim version in Top Shop.... [img:21zp9qxs][/img:21zp9qxs]
? Posts: 610
Ooooh, the mere mention of shoe shopping sets me off again!!!! Might these help solve your problem? They are from NEXT. You can order then from the NEXT website and then they'll have them waiting for you at your nearest NEXT store! They have lots of great party shoes at the moment. All metalics are in at the moment. Coppers and bronzes, as well as gold and silver. I'd say if going for gold, pick a white-ish gold instead of a brassy one, I think it looks more sohisticated. 1st pair are my very favourite! [img:2qd5cxpe][/img:2qd5cxpe] [img:2qd5cxpe][/img:2qd5cxpe] [img:2qd5cxpe][/img:2qd5cxpe] [img:2qd5cxpe][/img:2qd5cxpe] [img:2qd5cxpe][/img:2qd5cxpe]
Ghostbuster Posts: 1268
Hi girls, I only just saw these posts today - but thanks very much. Re the whitish gold shoes - I'm thrilled that you said that because it's exactly what I ended up buying at the weekend!! So I have the whitish gold shoes, handbag to match and drop earrings with silver and whitish gold sequins. The only thing I don't have and I have searched high and low - is a bangle or bracelet to match. My watch recently went kaput so I will have bare wrists (H2B is buying me a new watch for xmas). So the outfit is nearly complete - any ideas on what I could wear on my wrist - this is a tricky one! I have looked everywhere for something whitish gold but no luck. I saw loads of skinny bangles but they are yellow gold and fall off my wrist plus the chunky bangles look ridiculous on me. It's next Thursday - help would be much appreciated!!! Cheers By the way I am delighted to say that the outfit looks knockout!! :D Also, I brought the dress back to the shop last week to change size and the stupid sales assistant gave me the same size back!! It's all right now though!!
Miss X Posts: 1415
Are you in Dublin? Have you tried downstairs in BT's they have some lovely jewellery, alot of it is very reasonable.
Ghostbuster Posts: 1268
Hi Miss X, Thanks a mil for that - I will go up that way at lunchtime tomo!!