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lastminbride Posts: 4
We recently got engaged and for some crazy reason decided to get married straight away, we've got a venue and solemniser but its 12 weeks away and I haven't even started looking for dresses, could you lovely ladies recommend any shops that had a lot of stock for immediate sale as ordering won't be an option, tia,
Sin16 Posts: 236
Try timeless bridal wear in trim also smart brides i portloausde. What you see is what you buy and take with you. All good quality and condition. Worth a visit.
Smilinmaz Posts: 446
Memories bridal in dublin...ex samples and second hand perfect condition dresses. Take it away the day you buy IT :)
Betty80 Posts: 36
Aspiration bridal in dame Lane dublin is great - well worth a look
tásceitimíníorm Posts: 76
A friend of mine got hers in Ciara Bridal in the Powerscourt centre with a very short lead in... The staff couldn't have been nicer. She rang a load of places and explained her situation before making an appointment and some shops were really accommodating while others weren't. Might be worth giving a few places a ring! I'd say it'll be such fun organising everything and not having to wait... Enjoy it and best of luck with your dress hunt!
SeptemberBride2016 Posts: 8
I was seriously continplating getting my dress from they have amazing dresses and if you look on here and one fab day they have loads of brides who have worn dresses from there :) plus their sale section has some amazing offers too. might be another option if you don't want to get a sample dress or if you don't have any luck finding one. There is also monsoon, John Lewis, phase eight, house of fraiser, coast, bhs that do ready made wedding dresses.
lastminbride Posts: 4
Thanks ladies, will get phoning
mrsxtobe Posts: 198
Take a look online at Monsoon, they do bridal wear and offer free returns so you can try a few and return them. Just be aware that if you pay by Paypal that yo have to do a postal return which takes longer. IF you pay by credit/debit card you can return to a store If you are in Dublin House of Fraser do a lot of White/Cream/Gold/Silver Evening dresses which would be perfect for a wedding dress. You can order these online where they have a huge range and get them delivered to the store and try them on there and return what you don't want. You can also get them delivered to your home and return by post.'s+ ... xLoad=true John Lewis also have a wedding section ... s/_/N-5pmz I ordered from here through Parcel Motel and returned through Parcel motel though they do International Delivery too. BHS also do wedding dresses but you would have to do Parcel motel or something similar to order and return them
mrscmcc2be Posts: 40
SeptemeberBride2016 took the words out of my mouth - BHLDN all the way. Love love love all of their stuff! :custum59
MrsO2b2017 Posts: 2
Not sure what kinda dress your looking for, but I've seen a good bit of talk about asos' own brand dresses! Don't think they have actually launched yet but coming soon. Also folkster are supposed to have a great range of off the peg dresses in various styles and prices! If your not set on buying a dress, you could always rent from caris closet bridal? Amazing designers without the hefty price tag! Best of luck xxx