Help-organising a camping trip!! :)

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jellytotz Posts: 190
Hi guys!! Ok so ive been dragged into organising a camping trip and have heard Virginia in County Cavan is fab near the lakes .....has anyone heard of anything on this place? or even where abouts to camp? We wont be going mad or anything but is lighting a fire illegal at all? Dont have any directiosn, dont know where to go, ahhhhh its this saturday too :eek anyone out there who can offer any advice pls? Thanks so much :thnk
Urban Fairy Posts: 3987
I know this is the obvious answer but if you google camp sites and Cavan that should give you a good idea of where exactly to go. I love camping in Rathdrum in Wicklow, fantastic facilities and its so beautiful down there! You can make campfires on the shores on most sites. Most sites wont let you light a fire on the grass but you can have a bbq there. Rathdrum have a river bank you can light a fire on. i LOVE camping, hope you've a great time
jellytotz Posts: 190
Thanks !!! I really should have said that we are not that into campsites-so we were going to find a nice spot in the woods somewhere instead.... any recommendations? :) :wv
Urban Fairy Posts: 3987
try some hiking websites maybe! In meantime hopfully some wollies can post some more helpful info then me :wv
jellytotz Posts: 190
thanks a million-didnt even think of that :)
mrs bmw Posts: 6447
Tracey you are going to need my Rainbrow Bright cup, it's an essential piece of camping equipment, drinking tea out of it can actually stop the rain. (Well it did down in Enniscorthy back in 1989 according to my parents!)