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shygirl2013 Posts: 66
Ok girls, I've been left to organise a hen and feel like I haven't a clue :-( so hoping ye wollies can help me out with a few things...... 1. I've heard of sos bags for the hens, what goes into these and when are they goven out?? when everyone is leaving in morning, before dinner?? 2. Who pays for the bride? 3. Do we need to decorate the brides room and if so with what?? 4. Whats the going rate for hens say for hotel, activity and dinner (one night) Thanks girls xx
lizziebee Posts: 137
Hey shygirl, I could have written your post word for word last year when I was orgainsing my cousins hen. I done hen survival kit, with small bottle of water, perfume or samples of makeup etc, plasters, pandol, sweets, cant remember what else but google it would give you more options, also did one the bride with a load of different stuff. We spilt it between the bridesmaids. We just put some banners and balloons spruce it a little. We paid 60 each for room and meal. Look around and make sure everyone is on same page about the money side of it and ask for an overall amount to include bus, room, meal and tshirt if ye are getting them, give an extra 3.00 per person to cover decorations etc. Good luck, it can be stressful !!!
Hbombadero Posts: 1960
SOS bag not essential Paying for bride can be split between BM or entire hen party No need to decorate room but feel free I'd you want to. As cheap as possible, nobody wants an expensive activity, keep it simple. Make sure everyone is on agreement on costs and give a package price rather than gathering euros here and there for everything. A momento is nice for the hen, if everyone brings a photo and/or writes in a book that she can keep, otherwise get a photo of everyone and present to her. I love the book my girls put together for me.
poppingcandy Posts: 593
We had survival kits and they were handed out at dinner, but we left them back up in the room before heading out, but it was handy cos we had dinner in the hotel. There was water, plasters, paracetamol, mini cleanser, toner & moisturiser in them and also a few hen bits to wear on the night. And a pic of each person with the hen in the bag, thought that was a nice idea. It was tradition for the BM's to pay for hen, but the last few I have been on has been split between the group and people don't mind as it ususally works out at only €10 / €15 per head.. rather that the BM'S have to pay €50 / €60 a head!! My own hen worked out at €120 each but that was 2 nights B&B,1 Dinner and an activity. Or it was €80 for just the 1 night with dinner and activity.