HELP PLEASE!!! DS temp 39.8 (103.64) .... !!!

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Anonymous Posts: 24542
Girls Don't know what to do, trying everything, but DS temp now gone back up to 39.8 (103.64) .... !!! Already on Neurofen and Calpol! Is stripped down, complaining of being cold but obviously he isn't! He was so much better earlier today, had temp back down to 35.8 which is normal but now its way up again, almost as bad as saturday! What else can I do??? Vixx
sally Posts: 1140
God thats high... have you been to the doctor? Isnt disprin meant to bring down temp.
mammybean Posts: 10364
can you ring care doc or something like that? its very high
Sugababe* Posts: 988
Towel him down with cold water and strip him completely but make sure the room he's in isnt freezin
Anonymous Posts: 24542
He is almost 4. Some ppl suggested paralink but I dont have any here and I am home alone with him as DH works in Dublin during the week and I am in Cavan. I have been giving him calpol and nurofen all day as directed by doc I called last night. Thought he was on the mend this afternoon as he was in good form and temp was way down. Then he didnt look good there a little while ago and I checked it again, as I have been doing on and off all day, and there is was almost 40, poor angel, its like been a single mum all over again!
irish bride Posts: 558
Hiya Vixx, There seems to be a dreadful bug going around with the kids at the mo, have heard of friends with kids with high temps like yours. Have you tried giving him cold drinks and/or icecream to keep his body temp down? Maybe try ringing the VHI Helpline, they are actually really good help. take care, and let us know how you get on xxxx
sally Posts: 1140
Just wondering how is he today?
Anonymous Posts: 24542
Thanks girls, brought him to doc yesterday, turns out he has tonselitus (spelling?). Anyway, he is much better now, his temperature hasnt spiked like that since thursday night and I bought paralink yesterday to have in the house just in case! Thanks a mill for all your help, I am not usually one for panicking but I had tried everything and it was still going up! Poor pet. Thanks girls Vixx
mad woman Posts: 22106
paralink are a god send!!! and you can give the nurofen in between.! hope he's feeling better soon, see if you can get him to gargle junior disprin, (make sure he spits it out) it will help his throat.