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imightbe Posts: 103
Morning girls I am looking for some help please if any of you can help me... I am 12 weeks pregnant since Saturday and have hospital apt in Sept. Was going to wait until then to tell work but DH was playing golf with a client of ours on Sat and was overheard telling someone else that I was pregnant. Now I am worried that the client will mention it when speaking to my colleagues before I have a chance to say anything so don't know what to do - should I tell boss today before he finds out from someone else? Any help is much appreciated :thnk
tilsun Posts: 4506
It's such a personal decision and may be based on your boss and your relationship with him/her I am going t tell mine next week which will be before most of my friends know. I just think in my case it is professional courtesy to give her lots of advance notice. Also my boss is very discreet and will not tell others or treat me inappropriately IYKWIM
ruby09 Posts: 157
Hi there I wouldn't worry, tell your boss if it will make you feel better, if not I'm sure he/she and your colleagues will understand your reasons for not mentioning it when they realise you haven't had your scan yet. I told my close work colleagues before my scan and then told my boss. I have to say it was so nice sharing the news. Dont stress yourself over it. Best of luck. :wv
Nadie Posts: 1111
I would definitely want my boss to find out from me before anyone else. Is it an option to ring the client and ask them to keep quiet for a few weeks as you are very early on and don't want to announce it yet? If this isn't an option I would just tell the boss now before he hears it. Obvs you can ask the boss to not let it spread any further until you're ready to announce. Congrats by the way!
redfly Posts: 358
Yeah i'd tell your boss if I were you. I told my boss when I was about 5 weeks gone cause I needed time off for scans and appointments and stuff. Its better that he hears from you than someone else.
blondiechick Posts: 1641
I think if I were in your shoes I would just tell. Wouldn't look great on your part if some random stranger broke your news to everyone before you did! Good luck!
imightbe Posts: 103
Thanks girls -not had time today but will tell tomorrow
imightbe Posts: 103
Thanks for the advice girls - told him yesterday before I left for the evening. Do you know do I need to give him a letter? thanks for the help
Nadie Posts: 1111
Good morning, you must be relieved to have that out of the way! Every place has differing levels of formality, I just told my boss without any need for a letter, but we're a small family-run business. The bigger companies with HR departments would probably want a letter. I would just ask the boss if he needed it in writing. I'd wait until after the first scan to write it though, in case they change the EDD, because your letter would include that.
imightbe Posts: 103
Thanks Nadie - have scan in 3 weeks so will tell him that I'll do the letter then. Thanks for your help :thnk