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b2bleigh Posts: 151
Hi Everyone, i'm a fairly new user and I've been cheering myself up reading ur posts, u all sound like such good friends. My Problem is I hate my new job, im here 2 mths and i hate it, i've tried applying to agencies but they're so slow about getting back to u, the money is great here but the ppl are vile im surrounded by men who sit and fart and do nothing but talk about football all day, I feel so dissappointed as I thought it was going to be a great move, if anyone has any advice please reply I just feel like crying
december Posts: 1141
Hi Leigh!! Oh I'm so sorry for you that this move hasn't worked out!! It sounds like a horrible atmosphere altogether!! Just stay strong pet, you know that you'll be out of there as soon as possible, to a much better place. it doesn't matter that you're only there 2 months - plenty of people stay in jobs they hate for ages before they have the courage to leave! Not to be obvious, but are you applying for jobs yourself, or are you just going through the agencies? Plus, are you with more than one agency?
kentucky Posts: 223
I fully understand where you're coming from. I landed the job that I'm in now back in May. It was meant to be the 'be all and end all' jobs but I have to say it has not lived up to that at all. I'm totally disappointed and not getting the fulfillment out of it that I thought I would. The people are so arrogant :oops: I really feel like leaving myself but I don't know what to do. The present job is in PR for a big horse stud. I found out that I that they don't pay maternity leave and also I'm expected to racing at the weekends but don't get paid for it. The job does pay far above the average for horsey jobs €32k. I came back from travelling the world last year and I always wanted to set up my own equestrian centre on the farm at home but after alot of research, I found it wouldn't be financially viable. A managers position has come up in a nearby equestrian centre and they seem very interested in taking me on. However it would mean being on less pay and working weekends. Do I give up my office 9-5 job for this? Do I follow my heart or stay in this non-fullfilling job? I just don't know. I'm in the same position as you - delama land :roll: If I were you, I'd follow up on the agencies you've contacted. Ring them up and say that you'd like to organise an appointment with them. Agencies tend not to follow up vacancies with applicants that they haven't met yet. If you are not happy in your job, maybe it would be best to leave sooner rather than later and that way not alot of time is lost.
Mrs MOS Posts: 205
I was in a similar situation last year- I really hated my job. It had begun to really affect me, all of my conversations to my friends and h2b was me complaining about my job. I was miserable and to bbe honest was probably bodering on being depressed! I have now started a new job(September) and cannot believe how it has changed my life! I honestly feel like a new person. I have taken a slight paycut but my quality of life has improved. What I would say to you is keep looking for another job, one will turn up at somepoint- it did for me. I had actually resigned before I foundmy new job- but as I have to give 2 months notice this gave me a bit of leeway. Don't give up
Dmissus Posts: 107
Girls (Leigh and bubbles) The advice that I would give both of you is the same - life is too short to sit wasting away at a job you hate. I was in a similar position last year - I had just been promoted to a very good position in major firm. I was earning good money but I was miserable. I never thought I was stressed but looking back I can see that I really was. I signed up with a few recruiters and waited and after about eight months (I did wait along time) I got a better job with much better money and (most important) a better quality of life!!! It may take a bit of time but it will be so worth it in the end.
b2bleigh Posts: 151
Everyone, thank you so much for ur support I've been emailing and phoning around all morning and I have a meeting this evening and hopefully an interview next week!! I no it won't happen overnight but just hoping it will happen sooner rather than later!! Thanks again, its nice to no I have somewhere to relieve the tension!!
Lizzie02 Posts: 2624
Best of Luck B2BLeigh, I've also been in a similar situation twice over a 12-month period. Last August 2004, I started a job locally 6-month temping with a view to permanency and thought I was on the pigsback - close to home, nice hours, etc. From the day I started I was treated like muck and sexually harassed. I left after 3 months and took another job locally. It was perceived that I had 'fell on my feet' and when that also went pear-shaped after 2/3 months, I felt upset, embarrassed and started to question 'is it my fault?'. It was back to a similar situation all over again. I felt like I became a broken record, moaning to family, partner, friends about my dire situation. I was borderline depressed when I jacked it in after 4 months. I have now been in my current position since April 2005 and I look back over those awful couple of months in my life, from time-to-time, and realise that jumping out of a chronic situation really does do you the world of good. You do not benefit from staying in an unhappy position, being the martyr and soldiering on so as not to feel like you're letting yourself or others down. If it ain't happening for you: jump ship! Hope it all works out for the best, Liz :)
b2bleigh Posts: 151
Thanks liz, its not that bad here thank god, I think the prob is i changed industries and they dont believe in training but expect you to know everything. The men are disgusting the sit and fart and talk about football all day long. Feel more positive after the support on here, I dont have the worst job in the world but i think im more dissappointed cos i thought this was my big break. i have a few appointments and I'm lining interviews up now, I remembered when I left my last job I was offered loads of work so this time round shouldnt be any different. Thanks again x