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incognito11 Posts: 193
Hi ladies, I'm a regular poster gone anon just in case I'm spotted by people I know on here. Myself and Hubby are possibly looking at a move to a rural area. I'm not overly keen on living there, it's about an hour and a half from where I've lived for the past 10 years (a city) and an hour and a half from my family's place. On the other hand moving there would mean we can build our dream house and have a tiny mortgage, I could be a SAHM and our kids would grow up in the country like we did. Hubby would possibly be able to improve his business prospects from there too. Anyway, please give me any feedback you have, be it positive or negative. Thanks in advance :thnk
PussyGalore Posts: 3388
Incgonito11, I live in Sligo not where you're asking about but just to say generally that it was a positive move for me. I was living in suburbia and moved with my dogs four years ago, it's been the best move for me I must say. However, that said I have struggled to get a job here since being made redundant (I used to commute to Dublin for my job) but you say your husband is from the area originally so he will probably know plenty of people so he can expand his business easily enough. I knew one person when I moved here and have had no difficulty building up a friend-base. My parents moved at the same time as me though which helped. I'm no use to you at all but just to say it can be a good thing to move to the countryside, things are a little less hectic I find!
incognito11 Posts: 193
Thanks a million for the reply shumbles. :thnk Good to hear a positive story about moving out of the city!