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SparklyB2B Posts: 1131
Hi Wollies, Got an awful fright this morning, was going in to have a shower & there was a fluid filled sac over one of my the nodules around my nipple - it was about 3times the size of a pea.. squeezed it & it was full of clear liquid.. sorry TMI.. Is this just a sign of milk coming in or should i get it checked out?
Fairywings Posts: 360
Sounds like the start of your boobs leaking. Saying that I never got a fluid filled sac like experience, I just remember waking up most mornings and my nightdress having 2 big wet patches. I would just keep an eye on them every morning to see and make sure to check your nightclothes in the morning as the wet patches may have dried in but from what I remember they won't dry in like water does, they will give a hard dry patch so you will know you have leaked, IYKWIM. No harm in asking the Dr at your next visit but Im sure its nothing to worry about. Mine haven't started yet this time but Im expecting it any day. :eek
Sleep Monster Posts: 2829
No harm mentioning to your doc, but it's probably pretty normal. I know when BFing you can get milk blisters on this area. The little nodules around your nipples produce a fluid which keeps your nipples moisturised and I guess this could be a little more active due to pregnancy and perhaps there was a small blockage which is now cleared. No expert though and as I said mention to your doc to be sure.
SparklyB2B Posts: 1131
Well it turned out to be nothing related to pregnancy - it was a skin growth on my areola, it grew to the size of a grape yesterday before I got to doc, had to have it cut off! not pleasant at all & to top it all off I have both sugar & protein showing up in my Urine so back next wk so doc can do another urine sample.