Help!! Quirky Swing/Roackabilly band needed!

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keenfish Posts: 80
Girls, we're in a bit of a pickle. Getting married next October in Wicklow and we are looking for our band. My H2B is a muso and is very particular about who we get for our band. We're UK based so don't necessarily know the 'scene' in the Dublin area. Can any of you lovely ladies recommend a really good swing band? Or have any other suggestions? Any thoughts would really help. Thanks in advance. Keenfish :wv
Nobigdress Posts: 452
Hey keenfish, how are you doing? We were recently looking at the Bugle babes. They have a very unique sound and i think they would add a really good atmosphere to a wedding. Check them out.
Bm10 Posts: 296
Hi Keenfish, There's an Imelda May tribute band in Wexford who play all over the country, they play lots of other Rockabilly/swing covers too. I've heard them a couple of times and they're great :-) ... nd?sk=info hth and good luck with the planning K
keenfish Posts: 80
Thanks a mil NoBigDress and BM10 for your suggestions. They're great bands. xxxxxx
oooch78 Posts: 59
Hi girls, did any of ye go with Buglebabes ?? Just spotted them they look great !! Any feedback ???
kinsale Posts: 458
Cadillac Cats are superb and do an amazing Imelda May set (the lead singer is real sassy!). They do all the Rockabilly stuff but can play anything really. They're based in Kinsale/ Cork but I'm sure they travel.