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Katie103 Posts: 306
Hi Girls Bit confused so any help would be much appreciated! Ok, planning on buying my dress from RK Bridal. So I printed out all the sizing chart and went and got measured. Well, TBH, I felt the measurements, weren't really being done according to the outline and really felt the final measurements were a bit off. If I was to have picked a dress close to the measurements I would have ended up with a size 18! I'm an Irish size 12 but the most I should be in US size is a 10. So the shop where I was having it done actually stock american evening wear (some dresses of which were in a similar style to my own) so I tried on a few and it was the US size 10 that was fitting me. Has anyone who's ordered from RK Bridal before have any experience on sizing? I'm planning on getting measured again but I'd love to hear some other advice! Kate
leinstermaid Posts: 46
Hi Kate, I bought my dress from RK Bridal, and if you seen some of my earlier posts you might have seen that when my dress arrived it was very tight across my back. Now i'm a size 12 here in Ireland and i ordered a size 12 US, so i thought i was fine and this size seemed to match my measurements. If i was ordering again in the morning i would go up a size from what is matching my measurements, which would be an American 14 (the equivalent to an American 18) Its better to be on the safe side. :wv :wv
Angel* Posts: 625
Hi Kate. It's better to go a size bigger as you can get it taken in but you'll never be able to let it out. I ordered my dress from a shop in London. I am a UK8 but when they took my measurments for the dress (It's from an Italian designer) they said I was a 12 on the sizing chart?? They said if it was ok with me they were going to order a 14 and tailor the dress to suit my exact shape. I knew I'd put on a couple of pound recently but not that much so I had to ask if the sizing was the same as UK sizes....they laughed a me and told me no to panic about the size, the sizes for different designers are different. Get measured again by someone you completely trust to do it right and go by those measurments. Just don't order from RK if you're not completey sure. HTH. Good luck. :wv
Katie103 Posts: 306
Hi Girls Def going to get measured again cos to be honest I didn't feel she was measuring me correct. The only measurement I know she got right was the bust, but the others just seemed to be totally off. From looking at the sizing chart, if I was to have gone with the 18, the top would have been hanging off me. I know the sample dress I tried on here was the pefect size for me (bar one or two adjustments), so I'm thinking that the measurements must be wrong cos most sample sizes here I imagine are a 10 / 12 US. I don't know what I'm going to do if the measurements next week don't seem to match up! I really love that dress! Kate
pinkdiva Posts: 457
I ordered from RK Bridal too.. I'm expecting my dress sometime next month!! I am a size 10 -12here and I ordered a size 16US on the designers (La Sposa) chart. My waist measurement mateched the waist measurement for size 16 on the chart. It does not equal UK 18.. there is no way a size 18 is a 31 inch waist. All the charts are different for each designer so just order the size closest to the most important measurement. For me, the waist was the important one cause that's where its fitted. I know the bust and hips will be way too big but that's why Im getting a good alterations person!! Better to order a big bigger, just to be safe. [url=] [img:1st8wvwi];10716;6/st/20080308/e/I+marry+my+soulmate/dt/5/k/05fd/event.png[/img:1st8wvwi] [/url]
Katie103 Posts: 306
Def getting remeasured girls! Just looked at the measurements the lady took and she has me down for a 34 inch waist! I'm def way smaller than that! Just then did a quick bit of research. The dress in the shop I tried on was a USA size 10. I compared the standard measurements of a USA 10 to the designer measurements...they're basically the same! The designer measurements are just a 1/2 inch bigger. I can't believe that lady got it soooo wrong!