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squinn Posts: 169
Ladies I saw these jeans [330512|208527]&noOfRefinements=1 a few weeks ago and bought them on the spot. I loved them but anything I put them with doesn't seem right. I am a 28 w 32l when wearing heels (and i always wear heels). What should i put with them? Should add i currently have a very big chest due to breastfeeding so nothing too high necked to counteract this. Thanks styleistas!
I Dream in Disney Posts: 1592
I would suggest a creamy top: [url:cuosh5xq][/url:cuosh5xq] [url]{1}~[camel|cream]&noOfRefinements=2[/url] Or maybe a vest then a nice comfy cardigan? [url][url][/url][/url] [url:cuosh5xq][/url:cuosh5xq]
peacockgirl Posts: 1312
This top could be cool... or a nice sheer blouse or clashing colours are cool this top from river island is really pretty or maybe something floral?
I Dream in Disney Posts: 1592
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peacockgirl Posts: 1312
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Littlebo Posts: 2598
Squinn, I think a nice Navy top would be lovely with the skinnys. I got a fantastic navy chiffon blouse that I wear with my skinnys and as I am also big chested this works perfect. NO bows or frills or anything. I got one of the tops for €13 in Penneys and got a lovely one in French Connection for €55 that is gorgeous. I will try to find a link. Cream would also be nice too but nothing too ornate on the top.