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s wife Posts: 1445
ive 2 weeks to go and have just decided to get chair covers can anyone tell me where the best place to go for these
happybride2 Posts: 25
Hi, I've ordered from Gottcha Covered. Not cheap. I'm only getting them for the top table anyway as the chairs are nice in the hotel. I just wanted to differenciate our table. Try them. Good luck.
DrWhosPoopy Posts: 654
Have you asked your venue if they supply them? Worth asking if you can't get anywhere else at short notice :wv
ditzypixie Posts: 1397
Where are you based???
Picasso Posts: 645
Make sure wherever you get them that they fit the chairs properly in your venue cause they are not all the same size. If your venue doesn't do them, ask who they recommend and start from there...
s wife Posts: 1445
hi girls ive checked the hotel but there covers are not what im looking for,the hotel is the Waterside in Donabate