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colette29 Posts: 99
i know this might sound strange but me and h2b dont have a song for our first dance, any suggestions ladies
cax Posts: 258
aerosmith??????????? lol
colette29 Posts: 99
lol, my best friend is getting married 6 wks after me and thats her song
cax Posts: 258
i am your best friend !!! :wv
classygal Posts: 436
we picked ours on the night, despite cries of OMG 'you've not picked it" but its was great we choose Van the Man 'have I told you lately?' as when we were thinking about before hand there was just too much emphasis on the right song, we went with our gut on the night and it was perfect (for us not for everyone obviously!)
colette29 Posts: 99
do u know wat, i jst love that song. by van. ive jst said it ti h2b n he likes it 2. thanks
fruitypie Posts: 826
We had 'friends in time' - the golden horde.. Love it..
molly moo Posts: 363
:lvs Elvis - Can't help falling in love with you, The wonder of you :lvs Westlife - Us against the world, World of our own (something different)! :lvs Take That - Rule the World :lvs Christy Moore - The Voyage :lvs Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton - Islands in the Stream :lvs John Denver - Annie's Song :lvs Diana Ross - When you tell me that you love me Hope this helps a little :o)ll
Tinkerbella Posts: 167
We are having Take That - Rule the World
midnightqueen Posts: 582
Wec are having aerosmith cause its actually our song. :o)ll Our first date/Kiss was at the cinema watching armagedden. :xox Its was 10yrs ago last Oct and we are finally getting married in Jan!!!!. :ooh :ooh