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mrsdthe1st Posts: 472
Hi Grils, Have one for ye for last few days i have had a tingly feeling in my mouth and tounge never had that before it is very strange started taking pregnacare conception not sure if it has anything to do with that. I have AF cramps in my stomach she is not due till sat the 9th any ideas i have just been to the loo and when i wiped ( sorry) i noticed pinkish brown stuff on tissue not much i have been havin cramps all day and getting hot flushes and my mouth feels funny and dry AF due sat could she been coming early any ideas please help AF is not due till sat the 9th i never have got her early yesterday i had AF cramps all day and noticed some brownish pinkish stuff when i wiped and it was the same all last night and this morning i still have the cramps and there is still some blood there but it is not the same colour as AF it seems lighter more pink there is not very much there . Normally with AF i would feel bloated and my stomach feels hard but it doesnt just have the cramps what is confusing me is that they are 4 days early. Has this happened to anyone as it has never happened to me and i am all confused _________________
doolittle Posts: 910
Any chance you woulf do an early test? I had bad AF type cramps for the first couple of weeks when I was pregnant and the sotting could be an implantation bleed.Good luck and I hope you get the result you are looking for. :lvs
Inlove10 Posts: 806
Definately do a test, get a first response one and let us know how you get on.
Billie-jean Posts: 143
if u can wait and see for a few more days after af is due. i tested when af due and got bfp,then again 2 days laterand bfp... but unfortunately started bleedin today so if u can wait tilm a few days after af is due xxx
mrsdthe1st Posts: 472
hi i think it was AF that arrived it has stopped since i just got a fright as i never get it early and that brownish pink blood never seen that before