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benny313 Posts: 821
Girls going out of my head here. Have had a brown discharge this morning. What is this, should I be worried and go to Doc!!! Oh really need to calm down! O:|
Salander Posts: 1639
relax for a minute there. How far along are you? It could be an implantation bleed. maybe give the gp a ring and see what they say.
benny313 Posts: 821
I am 5 weeks, I know should'nt be stressing, but this has never happened before. Going to give GP a call to settle myself, am not normally like this don't know whats wrong with me!!!
Salander Posts: 1639
welcome to pregnancy! Every tiny little thing will freak you out for a while but it does get better. I ended up in A&E with constipation :-8 It sounds like an implantation bleed or your body just clearing out. GP should hopefully put your mind at ease!
Diamondz Posts: 2208
don't think you need to be worried unless there is actual blood!! Doc should put your mind at ease...
milis Posts: 7998
My doctor told me not to go to her about bleeding unless it was accompanied by severe cramps. No harm to give a ring for reassurance though!!
benny313 Posts: 821
Thanks girls. Well I went to the doc and she sent me straight to the Coombe. They did an internal exam and internal scan and everything is fine. All you could see was a little sac, but at least I know now its in the uterus and not in a one of my tubes. Thanks God tiny babs is ok. Have to go back in 2 weeks for another scan. Just in the door. Thanks for all your help, Dh thinks you are all a blessing for answering all my questions the last couple of weeks :lvs
gemini chica Posts: 2581
Thats good that you got to see the sac I had my first scan at 4+5 and could see the sac and it was great to even see something was there! Something good from your panic was you got a scan today and you have another one in 2 weeks!! I have my next one next Thurs so will be 7+1 and hoping I can see more then!
benny313 Posts: 821
I will be 7+1 for my second scan, let me know how you get on. Will give me an idea what I will be able to see
Inlove10 Posts: 806
Hi there Just to put you at ease I had what I thought was AF during the first few weeks and it was just old blood clearing out. I found out I was pg at 9 weeks and had more spotting sometimes brown and sometimes pinkish stained discharge. I went into A&E and everything was fine, told me it was old blood clearing out(which has stopped now) and the pink / red spotting can be caused by intercourse. Apparantley is quite normal and as long as not any more than spotting and not accompanied by cramping then its fine. Best of luck...