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s wife Posts: 1445
girls i need your help ive just been made redundant to-day i have idea what i should do ,the inital shock has just about warn off,after more tears than a little ( hormones are not helping ) ive just about calmed down but ive no idea what im entitled to with regards to holiday entitelments,etc ,im also thinking that as i was due to go on maternity leave in 10 weeks it hasnt helped with my redundancy any advice would be brill,thanks in advance
NewMom1 Posts: 1252
s wife I am so sorry to hear your news, can only imagine your shock. Check out citizens advice bureau for details of your entitlements, this thread was going last week ... p?t=197146 and might be a help to you. It is a shocking time and I know it probably feels like there is no bright side right now but sometimes things have a way of working themselves out. You will be able to transfer your tax credits to DH and i think you are still entitled to your maternity benefit. I hope you are ok pet xx
fxfor3 Posts: 2347
As far as i know from reading various threads on here you will have to notify the maternity benefit section and start your maternity leave as soon as you are made redundant. it just means you will be starting it a few weeks earlier. The citizens advice website has great information or maybe if you have time call into your local office and they should be able to help answer all your questions.
Toni Baloney Posts: 544
Hi S Wife, sorry to hear about your redundancy. I was made redundant 2 weeks after I got back from the wedding and I found out I was pregnant a few weeks later. I used some of my redundancy to completely pay off my car loan. I changed my mobile phone plan and it has halved my bills. I have been managing to pay my part of the mortgage from my jobseekers allowance. My husband pays for the odd treat like meals out etc. It has meant definate readustments but I can honestly say that I used to spend an awful lot of money on crap. My jobseekers allowance will run out when the baby is 1 month old. I recently looked into getting maternity benefit and was told by someone at the department of social and family affairs that I am not entitled to any maternity benefit at all as I am unemployed (even though I had been working for 8 years solid til October). I am not happy that that is the end of it and I will be looking into it further. I dont know if I've helped at all but best of luck.
s wife Posts: 1445
thanks girls for all your support and advice not feeling as weepy to-day just more angry than anything ,sure i'll get over it :wv
cheer bear bride Posts: 3731
you poor thing, dont have any advice but wanted to let you know im sorry to hear that-sending you hugs :xox
sapphire09 Posts: 393
S wife sorry to hear about your redundancy. With regards to holidays etc, well you're entitled to either be paid for any holidays not yet taken up until your redundancy date, or you can take them as paid leave before you finish up. You should have been given a notice period also from your employer - you may be asked to work this period or be paid in lieu of notice. As you are now 28 weeks pregnant you have passed the date at which you would not be entitled to state maternity benefit - once you are made redundant after 24 weeks (ie at most 16 weeks before due date) you will get state maternity benefit, you will need to apply as soon as possible. Unfortunately this means that you start getting mat ben as soon as you are made redundant so it will run out when the baby is 3 months old or whatever - but you will still get your 26 weeks paid benefit I'm not too sure about what happens when maternity benefit runs out, ie if you're entitled to job seekers allowance etc so I can't advise you on that. Things have a way of working themselves out some how so I hope you're not worrying too much - easy to say I know. Best wishes for the rest of your pregnancy anyway xx