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gemson Posts: 118
Can someone please help me !! O:| Trying to organise honeymoon and getting married in july so have to make a decision fairly soon ! Not your average honeymoon though as we are bringing our 2 sons, aged 5 and 1 & a half and trying to combine a luxurious family holiday and a honeymoon so want the boys well entertained, not mentally hot, really nice hotel, not too long of a flight 5 hrs / 6 max . . . .sooooooo not really asking for much then !!!! :eek Have had a few ideas from local travel agent but really need feedback from people who have been somewhere and would recommend with small kids, or friends who have . Any help is appreciated :thnk
Scruff1 Posts: 3139
How about somewhere in Italy?! Weather would be fab that time of year!?
stick Posts: 1229
lake garda area would be great there is a theme park and plenty for kids to do
Scruff1 Posts: 3139
[quote="b2b0411":34ou8e66]lake garda area would be great there is a theme park and plenty for kids to do[/quote:34ou8e66] Lake Garda is fabulous and there is lots for kids to do! I'm all for Lake Garda cos that's where my OH popped the question so I'll never have a bad thing to say about it!!!!
candellight Posts: 71
Go on a cruise, normally dept in spain, 3 hrs flight or you could look at dept in england, they have everything for the whole family...
NittyGritty Posts: 1605
Florida? Orlando for the kids is a no-brainer with all the theme parks. Temperature likely to be mid to high 20s and about 7 hour flight time. Or is that too far? Anyway, there's loads of options out there, happy planning :wv
im waiting Posts: 2727
At that time of year, it will be quite hot no matter where you go ( bar Ireland of course). Would you like to split your honeymoon in 2 like 4/5 days doing what you two would like to do and then 4/5 days to do something that suits the kids more? If you can afford it, maybe euro Disney, France or disney world Florida! You'll have good weather in both destinations. Then if you choose to to France you could do maybe some sight seeing in France, or maybe get a ferry or something to another destination close by. If you chose America you could tie in a short cruise to suit you all at the same time, mist cruises stop at a few destinations so you'll get to see different places over the remaining days. Check out they have so many cruises to choose from.