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red85 Posts: 26
hey everyone, I have a tattoo that has been lightened through laser but I need make up to cover it for my wedding day! can any1 recommend one please? thanks :-8
pinkpeonies Posts: 462
Hi, Veil Covering Cream and Finishing Powder will completely cover your tattoo. You can order it online or most pharmacies can order it in for you. I suggest a mini trial kit so you can see what colour is best for you. it is perfect for covering scars, acne, tattoos, birthmarks etc etc
laurakaymakeup Posts: 51
Hey there, A product I use is Dermablend, it's made by Vichy and your local chemist, if they stock Vichy should be able to order this in for you. The corrective foundation stick is what you'll want to get. Check out [url:285owv7r][/url:285owv7r] If you have a little time on your hands there's also this awesome video on You Tube of this guy - Rick Genest - who is covered head to toe in tattoo's (he was in Lady Gaga's Born this Way video) having all his Tattoo's covered by Dermablend :compress So cool to watch!! :yelrotflmaosmilie: [url:285owv7r][/url:285owv7r]
Eyrebrushed Makeup Artist Posts: 22
Hi there, I tend to use Artdeco Camouflage makeup for brides with some skin art. It has never let me down. It's all about layering it, stippling it on, then layer powder, then more concealer on that...somewhat like painting a wall. It really is amazing stuff...artdeco is available in Debenhams and in lots of salons. There is many options available to you but I just find this one through lots of experiments works. Best of luck, Emma Hogan Eyre I am a listed WOL supplier...Eyrebrushed
MadWoman2013 Posts: 528
red85, can I ask how you got on with the laser? My wedding is in December and I have one that I just want rid of!!! Did you have noticable results/scarring? I'm trying to weigh up the options before I try to find the money to spend! Thanks a million!! :thnk
bridezilla 456 Posts: 111
Dermablend is brillant look up video zombie or something its brillant
red85 Posts: 26
hey everyone, thanks so much for replying, yere advice has helped, must get cracking today! i got my tattoo when i was 16 (biggest regret in my life) dont wear tops/dresses without sleeves, i notice it but others dont. the laser lightened it but they dont think its going to fade anymore as the tattoo 'artist' mixed the dye with water so its after staining my skin, hope that helps, thanks all xx