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BigDay08 Posts: 514
Hi, I wonder can anyone help me find a picture of a dress i tried on, i'm failing miserably to find it O:| O:| O:| O:| O:| O:| It's a Jasmine dress and the style is F988R. Any help appreciated :thnk
Miss Indecisive Posts: 996
where did you try it on??
Novice Posts: 458
Don't suppose this is it? [img:15xg8ihm][/img:15xg8ihm]
BigDay08 Posts: 514
Good question :eek It was Mozarina in galway i think
BigDay08 Posts: 514
Thanks Novice but no i don't think that's it :-8
babysandie Posts: 85
sorry looked up but can't find it. Are you sure thats the code??