Help! trying to wean DD off BFing

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apple drop Posts: 331
Hi girls, Hoping some of you have some advice for me! DD2 is almost 8 mts, though she was 5 weeks early. I have BF only up to recently, although I have been giving her EBM in a bottle since she was quite young and takes it no problem. Anyway, I am now back at work and being a sales rep I am on the road all the time, so expressing is not the easiest thing to do! Its not easy to find somewhere quiet to park up and express covered up with an extra big cardigan to make sure noone passing can tell what im doing! :o0 :o0 Anyway for the past few weeks I have being trying to wean her off BFing and started off substituting 1oz of EBM with formula for a few days, then going up to 2oz formula and so on. I usually make up 8oz bottles because while BFing, it is impossible to say how much she is taking. She will take 4oz of each mixed fine but if I try to reduce the EBM to 3oz and 5oz formula she will not take it, well, she will only take 2-3oz just to take the hunger off i think. I dont know what to do :o( My supply is really being affected too and I am usally only getting 3 oz after nearly an hour of pumping O:| O:| Has anyone else been through this or have any advice to offer? Should I try a different formula? She's on Aptimal 1 now. Really dont know what to do. I tried one day only offering formula and she only took about 10oz all day (she is eating 3 solid meals a day) and ended up topping her off on the breast after her bedtime bottle and she took a good feed as she must have been hungry. Should I only offer the formula for a few days and hope that she will increase the amount she takes?? At my wits end and dont know what to do, hoping to try get it sorted out soon so I dont have to pump in the car for much longer :-8
stephnyc Posts: 414
apple drop - not sure i'm going to be much help, but if your LO is on 3 meals a day + whatever BM/formula she will take, then I think you're doing ok I had the same issues with formula - thou i wasnt on the road (fair play to you!) DD is 13months+ and she hasnt really ever taken to formula.. just make sure she has plenty of variety in her diet, including calcium/iron etc also - are you home morning & evening? you could always continue with these feeds & offer water/formula/BM etc during the day good luck with it!
apple drop Posts: 331
Thanks for replying Stephnyc, I might be over reacting to the qty of milk she is taking (or not taking) but in several of the baby books I have is says she should be taking at least 18oz of milk a day along with her 3 meals? DD1 was BF too and switched to formula pretty easy and took 3 8oz bottles a day till she was at least 18mths! I know every baby is different, and I suppose because she was so small when she was born (3lbs 11oz) that I obsess a bit on what she eats and drinks!
PaniniRoses Posts: 3628
DD was ebf til 6 months then we introduced formula by degrees til she was weaned to formula by 10 months. While she was getting any bf (it was first and last thing til the end) she was pretty bad at taking the formula - she might take only 2oz in the creche, but they made her dinner quite sloppy so she was getting water that way. Even now she doesn't take big formula feeds unless she's sick and off food. i'm sure with her being premature there are plenty of things you have to worry about that I haven't a clue of, but if she's happy and not dehydrated and eathing a varied diet, I wouldn't be too concerned. PS fair play expressing on the road like that...True dedication!