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mightymammy Posts: 52
Hi I got my bfp on tuesday at 4w4days the doctor checked my thyroid and my TSH was at 3.48 my specialist upped my thyroxine dose to 100mg. I am panicking so much do you think the baby is being affected? I am really scared :(
Anonmama Posts: 239
You have nothing to worry about at all. You are so early and the meds will sort it right out. My TSH came in at 16.5 at 6 weeks, within 2 weeks the higher dose of Eltroxin had it down to 4.5, another month and it was 1.33 I'm almost certain my under active thyroid went undetected in my first pregnancy.
Septmom2010 Posts: 167
Hello, pls don't ever worry about anything that can be answered by your GP when pregnant, its an anxious enough time, esp on your first! I have an underactive thyroid since my very early twenties and have been on eltroxin of different levels for many yrs. I was on 50mg throughout my whole pregnancy (25 thereafter for approx 3 months and 75 to date) and there is no fear of this effecting your baby as I spoke about it with my GP at the time. So you have no fear in this dept, and if you have any concerns please ask and don't be in a panic! Hope you are feeling well and enjoying the pregnancy
sherbetlemon Posts: 927
Hi Mightymummy, Congrats on your BFP :o)ll I also have an underactive thyroid since my dd. On this pregnancy I have been getting my levels tested by my doctor every month and attending Holles Street thyroid clinic every 5 weeks with the test results. My levels have been adjusted a couple of times and I am now on 75mcg and 100mcg on alternative days. My levels are now stable and I don't have to attend the thyroid clinic again until after I give birth. Don't worry - you will be well looked after in pregnancy with an underactive thyroid. It is very common :wv