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keepitsimple Posts: 966
If you've been to Vietnam can you tell me how you went about getting your visa? Trailfinders have said I can do it through them but will have to pay them €60 for the privilege and am wondering can I do it myself rather than paying them to do it or is it a complicated process?? I got them to do my visa for China before because you had to drop off the application to the Chinese embassy and pick it up again and I don't live in Dublin so was cheaper then me taking 2 days off work and travelling to Dublin for it but I believe I have to get the visa for Vietnam via London so not sure what the story is there. Advice on this would be appreciated. :thnk
LadyLizzie Posts: 1724
I'd say just get Trailfinders to sort it out, makes life easier. I was stuck in Thailand trying to organise the visa for Vietnam and had to deal with the embassies etc, it took a couple of days to process so I had to hang around longer in Bangkok which wasn't planned. Vietnam is amazing, lucky you heading off!
elliesbride Posts: 137
I was in Vietnam at the start of the year. We got the visas through the embassy in London - didn't have to send off passport. We submitted forms with pics via email to the embassy and the visas arrived pretty soon after. It was straight forward, just don't leave it too close to when you're leaving as there is an extra express fee. Saw this on the news last week, they're reducing the price of the visa next month - ... t-arrivals Vietnam is fab, hope you have an amazing trip!
Vixnn Posts: 6
Hi We got a visa on arrival. We paid $20 processing fee for single entry one month visa on Vietnam visa centre website. They send u a form to fill and we brought that and the stamping fee of $45 and 2 passport pictures to the 'landing visa centre' in Hanoi airport. Took less than half an hour at the airport. They only accept us dollars tho and if u don't have correct amount(like $50 instead of $45) they will keep the $5 and claim they have no change! This was in 2013 so prices may have increased
keepitsimple Posts: 966
Thanks for your replies. That is really interesting elliesbride about them reducing the costs. I'm not going until Feb so might wait and apply on 23rd Nov - every bit counts when you've saving for a trip like this! DH is English so he doesn't need a visa at all :) Can't wait to go now everyone says how amazing it is :compress