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Kittyq Posts: 10
Hi All, I have planned my menu with my venue, I have just been told (5 months before wedding) as its a small venue (they haven't done much weddings) I have to send out the menu with the invites and ask for peoples choices when they R.S.V.P!! I'm shocked as this wasn't explicitly explained to us. A way around it would be to have no choices but I really had my heart set on a fish dish and I know many wont eat fish, if I remove the choice I feel will have to sacrifice on the menu flavours - tame it down a bit. Have any of you heard of venues requesting this? I just feel a bit embarrassed to ask guests to choose a meal 6 weeks before they plan to eat it. I have also lot a bit of faith in the venue - it looks like it will be more stressful to organise than I previously thought....
euphrosyna Posts: 68
I think it's very common in the US but I haven't heard of it here. If you could get hold of a US style invitation though, you could see how it's worded which might make things easier.