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FairybrideDec07 Posts: 17
Myself and H2B had a meeting with the hotel where we are having our wedding reception in 8 weeks time. When we arrived H2B noticed building work and machinery to the back of the hotel. The area that can be seen from the reception suite and on the way in, is all dug up with diggers and machinery everywhere 8 weeks before are wedding and no one told us. In fact we asked when we booked if there was any building work planned and were assured that there was not as the hotel is only a few years old. I'm so upset and the manager said it is nothing to do with the wedding. He said that it would be dark and the curtains would be drawn but the balcony smoking area overlooks this area and our wedding is on a Thursday and i assume the builders are going to be working. I want to just cancel at this stage and i prob would only the invitations went out last week and we have 50 replys already. I wish i could just run away............ This is on top of being told that we have to pay to menu taste, There are no family rooms for children and the parents would have to but a 2nd room costing €165 for 2 children under 6 and the wedding co-ordinator leaving and no one returning my calls. it seems once they have the deposit and contract they know if you cancel you have to pay a percentage and dont care. He told me my wedding is only 1 of 100 this year. The cheek: Its the most important day of my life thank you very much.
nearlythere07 Posts: 145
Gosh thats shocking. Was this meeting with the manager? if not ring the general manager and kick up a hell of a fuss. How dare he imply your wedding was not important! I would be furious.
looloo Posts: 21
good god tonight, who told you that your wedding was only one of 100....? the co-ordinator or manager, or was it some random bar man? thats disgraceful. what building work are the doing? will the diggers be gone by your wedding day? Also, did you manage to talk them down anything on the menu tasting? You need to get onto the general manager and demand another meeting. Go armed with list of questions and expect answers. I would be going mad!! Even if you wedding is only 1 of 100, surely they should be treating everyone of those as importantly as the rest? Lucy
gerbil Posts: 3528
firstly name and shame the hotel ! not to be vindictive, but if there are other brides on here using the same place, a concerted flurry of complaints might make him a little more polite - considering you are only "1 in a 100", give him the other 100!
Spudnik2b Posts: 1804
OMG... I agree with Looloo, you should demand another meeting to discuss this, even if your wedding is 1 out 100, surely they are all important to both the bride and the hotel itself, hotels are booked based on word of mouth and discussion boards like these, maybe you should point that out to them also, they are not doing themselves any favours and on top of it to make you pay for menu tasting... its an absolute disgrace that they think they can get away with that.
rushinbride Posts: 1097
My lord, what an ignorant pr1ck...I'd give him more than '1 of 100' kicks in the balls for that disgraceful don't run a hotel but I sure as hell know that that is no way to speak to a customer...dirty fooking d1ckhead needs to be put in his place... As gerbil and shame the place...there may be brides here that have no notion of whats going on... Don't allow him ruin your naming and shaming he most certainly will not have 100 weddings next yr!! Good luck with it all tho...
FairybrideDec07 Posts: 17
Thanks for the support girls, I arranged the meeting yesterday because the wedding co-ordinator and Gerneral manager had left. Everytime i rang or emailed no reply. I went to the wedding fair and got the info about having to pay for the menu tasting. i was fuming so i wrote a list of questions to ask. Mainly about the menu tasting and rooms. I was annoyed that 20 rooms were booked at a discounted rate of €165 yet loads of our guests booked internet rates of €95. This really made my blood boil as i may be a once off customer but i would be paying min €15,000 for food and drink surely i should be entitled to cheapest acc rate and not a random person looking to stay on the night of my wedding which the internet rates are aimed at. The banqueting manager told me that the menu tasting policy was clearly stated in the brochure and contract. I took them from my bag and pointed out that it was in neither. if i knew from the brginning maybe i would have been ok with it or could have chosen another venue. I feel i made a stand but didnt get anywhere. Both my mam and H2B were with me and heard him tell me that the wedding is only 1 of 100...
goldie. Posts: 1233
That is disgraceful behaviour. I would insist on talking to the General Manager and let him/her know exactly what has been going on and tell him you are ready to take it to a solisitor or Joe Duffy. Unbelievable!
Mrs Snove Posts: 1611
OMG, that's terrible. I'd def try to take it further or at least write a letter to the manager stating all that things that are wrong. The cheek of him to say you are only one of a 100 weddings, I mean wtf, it's the biggest day of your life and the hotel should be making you feel special and appreciated.
lotus s Posts: 184
Grrr... blood boils hearing that drivel. Any person who has any concept of good customer relations has to know that "the customer is always right" (of course within reason). You have every right for proper attention, especially when you are paying in excess of €15k for it - he can hardly afford to be so flippant about your custom. What part of the country are you having your reception?