help! when to wash hair b4 wedding?

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notlongnow Posts: 474
hi there i have a problem in that my hair gets greasy very very quickly and looks TERRIBLE the next morning if i wash it before going to bed. i've heard the best thing to do is wash your hair the day before the wedding, but my hair is so bad that it will be greasy again by the evening of the wedding. does anyone have any suggestions or help they can give? thanks a mill!
AGuest Posts: 1262
I washed mine the morning of the wedding.
GBride Posts: 173
I'm a total greaseball too, and often if I wash it at night to save myself the pain in the morning, then I wake up and I'm annoyed to find that it's starting to get oily at the roots already - just because I slept on it! So I'll be doing it that morning. To hell with what people say!
Anonymous Posts: 24542
Christmas B Posts: 6191
Hey Greasers!! I used to get greasy hair quite quickly too!! :evil: Then I discovered Tresemme shampoo!! :D I swear to God girls, it's a God sent!! I dye my hair so I obviously use the one for coloured hair. I get three days out of it now for not washing my hair (am I minging?)! Seriously, give it a lash and see what you think...... I have a few friends using it now too and they love it!! I've also discovered that by giving your hair a third wash in the shower helps too!! It's not expensive and you can get it in Dunnes, Boots, anywhere!! God, I sound like I work for them..........!! Good luck!! :wink:
over it Posts: 2779
Ms4eva Posts: 285
Hey, was just about to post about the dry shampoo. Its called Batista and I use it all the time! its fantastic and really works. I have the thickest greasiest hair known to mankind and i used wash my hair every night and nearly have to do it again in the morning but thanks now to this stuff I can get away with it for maybe 2-3 days. Its in a green can and can be got in most chemists HTH
mad woman Posts: 22106
if it gets very greasy, wash it the morning our your wedding, mine is also like that, and i washed it on the morning, sure thats what they have hairspray and mousse for.
Shell Sept Belle Posts: 356
I'll have to get me a truck load of that Batista. I've got terrible greasy hair. :roll: I was bridesmaid twice before and both times washed my hair on the morning of the wedding and told the hairdresser that I'd washed it the night before!! I got an upstyle both times and they lasted till the next morning, perfectly! So I wouldn't say it'd make much difference. :wink: As mad woman said, that's what they have hairspray for! :wink:
notlongnow Posts: 474
thanks all! that batista stuff sounds fantastic! im going to give it a go. im having a half up do thats really loose, so for hiding greasiness i dont think i'll get away with a day-before wash (unless batista works!!). im afraid to change my shampoo as my hairdresser recommended kerateese a few weeks ago coz my hair is in bad condition from home -dying and it does seem to be improving it. failing all that- i'll wash it on the morning, but my hair is also really soft and doesnt have good texture when its freshly washed- but then again, thats what mousse etc is for! thanks again!