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herecumsdbride Posts: 47
hi girls does any1 have any ideas on wat to have as favours and can you jst give them to woman only or do you have to give to everyone? mayb theres some thing out there for couples so your only getting one gift for 2 people and saving any ideas would be great :thnk :o)ll
excitednerjabride Posts: 869
hi, ye favours can be a wedding the summer where they didn't do individual favours but they had trivia boxes on each table, people found that a bit of fun. I wouldnt go for a favour per couple unless there are no singletons attending your wedding, might make them feel a bit sh%t..we're going away to get married and having fans in the church for ladies and then cigars and something small for the ladies (as they'll already have been given fans) at the meal(havent decided what yet for the ladies, maybe bubbles with personalised ribbon). A friend of mine was getting married last year and when she was talking about favours she did say that any weddig she had gone to, only the women received favours. Personally i'd like to give something to both but thats just me. Check out, for ideas..hope they help :xox
buttercup540 Posts: 6
Hi Leesutd :wv Just joined this today and saw your post. My sister is gettin mariied in april and im so excited i cant wait :eek she has ordered wedding favors from Irish Wedding thoughts check out hope this helps :)
MrsW2010 Posts: 348
I'm getting favour boxes for the girls with some chocolate in them, was a wedding recently and the bit of choccie was really nice with coffee after the meal, for the fellas i'm not sure thinking about some trivia boxes like previously mentioned or some jelly beans in a tulle pouch, most fellas i know love sweets :o0
Trinitym Posts: 341
We're making a donation to a local charity and all the females guests are getting a bottle of red nail polish by NYC (New York Colour - a cosmetics brand), the theme of the wedding is New York so it ties in well!! x Ordering organza bags and personalised wedding ribbon from ebay to pop the polish in!!
coolkeevs Posts: 483
have you thought about making a donation to charity? i think this is what imgoing to do,usually you dont wanna spend too much on favours so u get a smalltoken that i find most people dont really appreciate and ust leave behind them. gonna donate to charity and then that way everyone has done a good deed to those less fortunate.
Shoelover Posts: 473
hey leedsutd im the week before you! isn't the time starting to fly!! im thinking of having a little hanging heart decoration, and just one per couple. the only thing is you wouldn't necessarily save. im trying to source ones for about 2euro each, and nearly there now i think!rather than put them on the tables where it would only be every second plate, i was gonna do a Franc style table plan tree thingy, where each heart has the name of a couple and their table number attached. Franc raves about how it's a great way to get ppl mingling, trying to find their names and helping eachother..........not sure how i'll work it yet really, but i think the girls will prob take it then and put it into their bag and hopefully keep it. it's not a christmassy heart, but can be used as a tree decoration or anywhere in the home. i like chocs but so often see them left on the tables and then thrown out. i personally take mine home with me, but so many ppl don't if they don't take home my hearts, ill have the hotel keep them for me and ill use them myself!! ill have a very 'love'ly christmas tree !!!! :o0
herecumsdbride Posts: 47
girls thanks for the replys there great :xxs shoelover, that is a great idea and ive never seen it b4 so it will be something new O-O but were will you get the hearts and the table tree decor it will prob be more than chocs or some thing along those lines :eek
african violet Posts: 130
if you go on to ebay and look up favours you can get some really good ideas! I definitely think if you do favours everyone should get them because its not fair to exclude the men! I also think its easier to give everyone the same thing! although they sell these really cute small rose soaps on ebay for reasonable price which would be great for the women then you could do some oldtime favourite sweets for the gents or maybe get a nice hanky for them, often you can find thinks wholesale on sites (often in china) where you could possibly get the gents cuff links or a keyring, the options are endless if you can spend a few hours searching on the net! things can be cheap and cheerful...after all its a 'thank you' to the guests, its the thought that counts, hope this helps x
flow Posts: 296
im having 2 different favours one for the men and one for the women the problem i have is im allocating people to tables but not to seats. so if i have them waiting on the plates when they arrive at there table a man may sit at a woman's favour. as people tend not to notice the favours until after they have sat down. so anyone any suggestions?