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Anahita Posts: 1161
Hi Girls, Long story short I helped a customer with a FB query and you know yourself I'm now their first port of call for any questions O:| (We are an IT company, but we don't do this kind of thing!) Anyway so the customer set up a company page which in turn made her set up her own page. Fine. Now when she logs in she can access her page but can't see how to navigate to the company page from there. Any idea how she can do this? I googled it and it says to search for the company name in the search bar on FB and once you click in on it you will be able to edit the page. But the company page doesn't come up in a search! My friend said go to Account and in the drop down menu it'll say Facebook Pages and you can access it from there. But there is no such option in the drop down menu. Jesus me head is wrecked!
JMBvideos Posts: 511
Im no expert on this either but I think she will need to log in with her company U/N & P/W to access that page. I have both company & personal page and seperate login details for both. You say that she cannot find her company when doing a search on her page - Is she searching for friends? Is the company a friend? Thats all I can think of at the moment Im afraid. Im sure it isnt much help but might be a starting point for you Skinnymini. If you stay up workng on it until around 4am for a few days, Id say you will solve it for her. If that doesnt work, try doing a Sunday or two.... You'll be thanked for it :o0
ott Posts: 3920
She must not have published her page yet and that means no one can see it. She should login, click on [i:lme1lz8f]More[/i:lme1lz8f] on the left hand side (probably under [i:lme1lz8f]Games[/i:lme1lz8f] and [i:lme1lz8f]Apps[/i:lme1lz8f]), then click on [i:lme1lz8f]Adverts and Pages[/i:lme1lz8f]. This will give her the list of pages she admins. She should have an option to publish her page when she decides it's ready.