Help with "big boys room" upstairs.

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kittenheart Posts: 1488
Hi all, I was going to put this in House & Home but I said I might get more responses here. We are lucky enough to have a huge space upstairs which is being converted to a den for H2b. We have been collecting stuff for it since before we moved into the house so we have quite a lot of stuff. He has the pool table, dart board etc. What kind of colour should I paint it. I have lots of creams and reds downstairs so that's out and he said he'll murder me if he finds a trace of pink up there as it's a "lads room" which makes me laugh as I'm doing all the work. I need to make a decision on this today as a friend is getting the paint for us at a discount. Bear in mind that there is a lot of light up there, with 4 big velux's and a huge window in the front so we could afford to go with a darker colour. Also it's nearly 1000sqft up there so I would have to have 2 or more colours to break up the space a bit. I was thinking of a grape colour or something, what do ye think girls I'm in dire straits, I'm sick of getting testers and none of them are nice. Thanks in advance.
gogogirl Posts: 1071
what about a pale green/grey colour? it goes really well with a pale stone colour too.
*bubblez* Posts: 1599
we have a games room and hubby has it done in his team colour which is red cos its liverpool... how about something like that?? Maybe you could have an accent wall in a darl colour and the rest of it a light coulour so its not taking away from the space you have? Also in hubbys games room he has posters, not childish ones, he has muhammad ali and a few others.... its really cool looking and gives a kinda relaxing but party atmosphere to the room
wooby Posts: 685
i'd say his room he can paint it!! :wv don't worry yourself about it... so ...which room did you get.. Please dont say the kitchen :o(
wowee Posts: 1596
If you get a lot of light up there, what about a nice forest gree/ navy combo or a few different shades of grey. Why not paint it bright yellow and see what he says >:o)
clucky Posts: 26471
im not allowed decorate our game room he wants it in green and white stripes a lá Celtic i think it will look yuck
Ca cest moi Posts: 7855
I like the idea of a cream colour with either a grape or a mocha colour with it.
wowee Posts: 1596
Wouldn't be my choice either Clucky :-8 Still, if it's what he wants....just make sure he does all the work to get it that way >:o)
honeybunch Posts: 1218
What about a duck egg blue all round and brown on one wall?
*seahorse Posts: 1122
XmasLove - we converted our attic last year for out little fella & because of the windows & it being so light I painted it Navy. Everyone thought I was mad but it's gorgeous, really classy & boyish, everyone comments on it & a couple of our neighbours have since done it (Keeping up with the seahorses!!)