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sonic Posts: 1
Hi All Having finally decided to set a date....i have straight away hit a brick wall!!! :( 1st i picked Sep 2nd as id love a sept wedding, then a so called work mate stole my time off!! knowing i was booking that date she booked her's for 3 days earlier and booked her hols over my time, so that date is now gone! next was a wedding between xmas and new year....i hear you asking why not another time in committments and my mums 50th which i dont want to miss!! anyway we have prebooked a hotel for Dec 29th but now have discovered the registrars don't work that date in Carlow or surrounding areas!! only option is for a church wedding and since we both have no faith in the church but do believe in god, we feel like we would be using and abusing the church. Anyone got anythoughts or suggestions?? the day after is also unavailable...ive checked. the next date is in 2011 which means the price goes up for our guests staying the night. any ideas gratefully accepted! Son O:|
BusyDee Posts: 8527
Any chance you could book yours a week or 2 before your work collegue?!
olivia123 Posts: 824
would september 2011 be too far away?? you could probably get 2010 prices is you bargin now.
This Little Piggy Posts: 238
We are having our wedding on a Saturday so having a civil ceremony on the Friday beforehand in the registry office and not exchanging rings, then the following day we are having a 'blessing' ceremony in the hotel (not legally binding- hence the civil ceremony) and we will exchange rings during that. It was the best solution for us, we do have some faith but would be similar in thinking to you.