help with main course choices please

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tararod Posts: 562
Definately going to have salmon but not sure if we should have beef or lamb with it. Any opinions? Thanks girlies :thnk
shoegals Posts: 1640
I voted Beef, some people are a bit iffy when it comes to lamb.
thebrideof2009 Posts: 1416
def beef lamb would be id say one of the least fav meats beef salmon lovely choice
feb26 Posts: 122
Completely agree with shoegals.i love lamb myself but know loads of people who either dont like it or it gives them a dodgy stomach. We're going with beef or salmon ourselves, a first I hought it was a bit boring/predictable but have now decided its the safest option all round
Juno Posts: 2202
I said beef and salmon. Not everybody likes lamb, i had it at a wedding and it was full of fat and very little meat.
LV Posts: 175
Def beef or salmon for all the reasons the girls have said
moyra-smyth Posts: 511
lamb or salmon! i know some people worry about will everyone eat something etc but we did the different thing too and anybody ive told about it have been really happy its not the same repetitive menu that you find at a lot of weddings!
Ca cest moi Posts: 7855
I would go with beef and salmon too. A lot of people are not too keen on lamb so it is the safer bet.
Kop Mama Posts: 804
I voted Beef and Salmon. I personaly dont like lamb and with having a large group to please id go with most popular choice. Beef or salmon. Great choice
mrstobe09 Posts: 875
I voted Beef and Salmon. I like lamb but I reckon that more people would prefer Beef to Lamb.