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wedjul05 Posts: 5673
Hi, I am in desperate need of advice on using the Clearblue OPK. I have been using the cheapie test strips I got from the internet. Trying to interpret the line though has been a nightmare, I keep thinking that the line is getting stronger etc. I thought I saw a good strong line on sunday, went home told hubby. We tried to do the baby dance but hubby couldn't! Bless him, he tried but it just didn't work. I got very frustrated as I thought I was ovulating and it is killing me to have to rely on him to give me something !! Basically I turned into a crazy lady again, ranting and crying. I was really insensitive to his feelings. Got it all sorted on Monday with hubby. But I decided that I had had enough of the line interpretation and I bought some of the Clearblue digital ovulation tests. I have some on order from the internet but I couldn't wait for them. Thought they would be the answer I have been looking for. Brought them home, tested and tested and tested and tested!! I had to test 5 times before I got a result. I had 4 error B messages, then finally for a negative result on the 5th. I was so frustrated with them. Thank god nobody was in the house with me as I was crying and shouting at the tests!! Did another one yesterday, again the 1st test I did, I got an error B msg. It worked on the second one though. I don't know what I am doing wrong, at this rate I will be bankrupt in 2/3 months. The first 4, I collected my wee and tested that way. Then on the 5th, I tested by holding the test as I went to the loo. This worked. But then the next day, I did the exact same thing and it didn't. I literally sat on the loo not moving a musle until I got a result! Can anyone give me an insight into what I might be doing wrong? I am sometimes at the end of my rope with the whole predicting ovulation. I ovulated on day 23 last cycle, I'm on say 28 this cycle and I have not ovulated, I think. Help me??!!!!!!!
Perci Posts: 3847
Hiya, can't help with the OPKs as I didn't use them. Just wanted to say that the whole reason I didn't use them was the pressure that we would both be under to DTD at the correct time! Hopefully someone will be able to help with technicalities of the tests but I think the stress can often do more harm than good when TTC. :babydust:
mjm Posts: 393
hey wedjul05, sorry to hear your having such a nightmare with the opks, I found them hard to get into too. I got a couple of non results too (not using digital, using other clearblue ones) anyway the weeing directly on it didnt work for me at all, I had to wee in cup then use stick straight away but you have to leave it in for 20 seconds if your weeing in cup. It might be that you just havent ovulated yet, are you temping, maybe if you temped too you wouldnt just be relying on one or the other, thats what I am trying cause my cycle is totally irregular. Best of luck. mjm
Sleep Monster Posts: 2829
Hi WedJul05, GOD LOVE YOU! Sounds horrendous what you are going through. I can just picture you sitting there screaming bloody murder at a stick! >:o( :o0 >:o( It's enough to make you go dotty! And your poor DH, I guess the pressure is getting to him. Someone else on here said that they weren't telling DH about dates, just keeping that to themselves and pouncing!! Maybe that's worth trying? I would complain about all those error readings though! You will be bankrupt if they keep malfunctioning. I know you're temping and charting too, so perhaps try not to focus on any one method. I know it's hard and clearly very frustrating. Hang in there and take good care of each other :xxx It will happen, I just know it!
Sphynx Posts: 6795
God what a nightmare! All I can tell you is that I used First Response ones and found them very easy to use. no mess or fuss and very easy to intepret. Might be worth a try???
wedjul05 Posts: 5673
I have ordered 21 of the clearblue one's so I will stick with them for now. I might pick up some of the first response one's for next cycle though, as a standby. I don't think I am ovulating this month anyway. I am really sick of this guess work, part and parcel of TTC I know but I am not a patient person at the best of times!