help with seating, again

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stephyb Posts: 1439
okay ladies, i've done my seating plan and blah blah everything works out fine, have organised the right things for each table and put them in their own boxes with good instructions for the hotel. i had said from the beginning that i just wanted people to feel comfortable, no fuss no muss. my sister who is CBM's partner isn't well liked by the family so i was going to have him sit by her during the meal that way they would be happy. I had also planned to have my other bridesmaids sit with their boyfriends and friends at the table to the left in front of the top table, and have the rest of the groomsmen at a table with their friends to the right in front of the top table. so really it would only be family at the top table, which would include the CMB and best man. Mam said today that it's crazy not to have the bridesmaids at the top table - so i said to that if i have the bridesmaid i have to have the groomsmen, and if i have the bms and gms sis's bf can't sit with us. Sis did say that would be fine but i know gms and bms partners will feel out of place and have no one to talk to . Should i keep with the idea of let people sit with those they know, or with tradition and have them at the top table?
stephyb Posts: 1439
anyone any advice, please? i don't want to be bridezilla
ReginaFalange Posts: 10290
I think that you should go with what you are comfortable with. Honestly- someone will always have an opinion on things so the best option is to go with whatever your choice is. Just go with what you've planned and dont mention it to your Mam again :o0
baby_on_board Posts: 192
I agree wth columbo, and i also think its very considerate of you to think of your sis and other bm and gm i think they all will appreciate it. so i'd say stick with your plans :wv
cheerio Posts: 275
Stick with your plans, I think that is a lovely idea. We didn't have a top table at all, just a round table for bride, groom, and 2 sets of parents and we sat everyone else where they would have the most craic! Good luck :wv
littlemissbride Posts: 61
Hi mrsmeow, Firstly, i'm getting married same day as you - 12 days - can't wait!! Regarding the table plan, i actually agree with your mum, and i think all the bridesmaids and groomsmen should be on the top table. Although your sister's partner is not liked by others, i'm sure everyone will make an effort to be civil & pleasant to each other on your big day. So i would put all the partners together and the BMS/GMS on the top table. Hope it all works out - and have a great day! :wv
mrsfisherman Posts: 314
Stick to your guns and go with what makes you comfortable! I think it is a great idea! Might even do that for mine
mrsfisherman Posts: 314
Stick to your guns and go with what makes you comfortable! I think it is a great idea! Might even do that for mine