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dublinredhead Posts: 917
Hi there, Am hoping someone with wide feet like mine can help me to find ivory shoes!!! I've tried the rainbow brand which were supposed to be wide fitting....but still too narrow for my clodhoppers!!! Am begining to think I'll be a barefoot bride - shame we didn't plan to get married abroad :o0 :o0 Would appreciate any help! Thanks girls!
yvonne9 Posts: 447
[img:1n0vh0p3][/img:1n0vh0p3] Dont know if these would suit,they are wide fit from oxendales. this is an english company handmake shoes, the price isnt too bad either. also this crowd has a hugh selection search wide fit
gemggem Posts: 270
Oh no, I've seen rainbow shoes online that I absolutely love - they're called Lacey, off into the Moderne in Cork next week to try on worried now they won't fit, have very wide hooves and a bunion to top it off!! Might try and get in there earlier in case I set my heart on them and go crazy and buy them even if they hurt. [url=] [img:10tnqh90];10101;116/st/20101230/e/Our+Wedding/dt/5/k/b945/event.png[/img:10tnqh90] [/url]
dublinredhead Posts: 917
Thanks for that Yvonne - I like the look of that made to measure site... good to know its there if I can't get anything else. I'm just afraid of buying online and then the shoes not fitting after being made for me! I'd love if there was somewhere that I could try on the shoes first!!! Gemggem - Don't panic, go try on those rainbow shoes and they may fit you. The shop I was in didn't actually have any in my exact size so it was kinda hard to judge and I'm just guessing that when they're in my size they won't fit. I'm going to try find more stockists that might have the shoes in my size so I can definetly rule them out!! Fingers crossed!