Hi Girls, Noticed a few threads recently about what we can and can't eat and thought this might be of help to some of you... When I got pregnant my midwife in the UK gave me a sheet with do's and don'ts for different cartegories of foods to stick on my fridge. This is only a quick reference guide so not totally comprehensive but it gives a phone number to call 'if you can't find what you're looking for or if you are in any doubt' 0845 776 2900 (UK) 1800 931 832 (ROI) It also says if you call this number you can ask for a free copy of 'Eating for two or eating for you?' I've put an example of what my chart says for the cheese category below: Cheese: In the ok section: 'Hard cheese such as cheddar or parmesan. Feta, ricotta, mascarpone and cream cheese. Mozzerella, cottage cheese and processed cheese such as cheese spread.' In the don't section 'Camembert, Brie and Chevre (a type of Goat's cheese) and other mold ripened soft cheese. You should also avoid blue veined cheeses.' I've posted what it says on fish in the 'salmon and philly thread' that is around at the mo too. I just want to stress that I've no medical background and anything with advise I've posted is purely copied from a sheet I was given by my midwife - just thought it might be of help to some of you, especially with Christmas coming up. xx