Hi everyone, I am looking for 10 volunteers to take part in a small study I'm running in the use of Moxabustion and Hypnosis to help turn a breech baby. The combined treatment takes 90 minutes. You will be instructed in how to use Moxa and experience hypnosis. All participants will take home a Breech Turn hypnosis CD to be used daily for 14 days after the session to help your baby stay in the optimal position for birth. Please note participants must be at least in their 34th week of pregnancy and be in good health with no pregnancy complications. For the best results participants should be willing to commit to continuing the Moxa therapy at home for 14 days (20 minutes per day). All participants are asked to complete a short questionaire at the end of the 14 days. The treatments will be held in Julianstown Co. Meath (10 minutes north of Dublin Airport) and will begin on Tuesday May 5th. Please PM me if you are interested in taking part. Tracy