Helping with constipation

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Flossy Posts: 212
Ladies Just to let you know that my GP prescribed me a medicine called Lactulose - it has been a Godsend! She's 32 pg herself & took it for this & last pregnancy (had also been recommended by another GP friend who recently gave birth). It's safe for the baby - infact, it 's given to abbies whoa re suffering the same plight! It's made such a differnce for me - had been suffering terrible cramping pains & felt the size of a house due to bloated stomach - back to normal now!
fantac Posts: 4109
is it deffo only prescription? loading up on allbran just doesn't seem to helping me!
Flossy Posts: 212
Not sure if you can get it over the counter - one of the reasons she gave me a script was because in the North they're free whislt you're preganant. I also found the Senokot Hi-Fibre Orange good but this stuff is the business! (I'd been doing all the high fibre cereals, 5 pieces of fruit/veg per day & drinking prune juice (boke!!) plus lots of cups of hot water in the morning & about 2-3 litres of water per day. Hope you get sorted as it's no fun!