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Sunspeckle Posts: 437
So the latest of my symptoms is external Hemorrhoids....TMI They are actually quite painful....couple of questions. Will they go away after the baby is born? IS there an over the counter cream I can ask for without having to go into the symtoms in the chemist...if you know what I mean.... 39 weeks and counting! :duh:
craftyPB Posts: 2625
You can just pick up some anusol, it's safe to use. Pushing won't help them, but yes, eventually they will clear up post baby.
Hbombadero Posts: 1960
I feel your pain! I asked GP on one of my visits for a prescription, I got scheriproct and it's really good. Mine seem to be gone (DS is 10 weeks) Try to drink lots of juice and I found wet wipes nicer than loo roll.
Sunspeckle Posts: 437
Thanks hbomberdero! I got a prescription for ultraproct of my doc yesterday which is really helping! I also got the wet toilet tissue which makes a big difference tmi glad to hear yours have cleared up.
catfish Posts: 124
Mine never went away completely , they like to reappear every so often. I found acupuncture brilliant for them after I had my DS. I was crippled with pain from them.
mochax54321 Posts: 1
Try taking a cold water bath (preferably with ice) make sure you draw your knees to your chin if you can to open the canal passage way a little. I found this helpful in shrinking them (short term relief though). Musk ointment helps with the itching, witch hazel helps to ease inflammation and formula H product helps to alleviate the bleeding. Yes, IT IS POSSIBLE to get rid of them and their symptoms naturally. Check this site out on bleeding hemroid. org on treating and curing hemorrhoids naturally out has great more info about your treatment. They definitely are a pain in the you know what