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tammy15 Posts: 21
Hi girls I'm trying to do hen party boxes for my friends hen but as I'm paying for it I'm trying to keep it low cost any ideas would help xx
MrsSparkle2B Posts: 1689
How many hens have you? From the hens iv been too I got things like two paracetamol, lipstick, shot glass necklaces, silly straws, mini bottles water & tshirts
ashcapp Posts: 31
How many hens and what's your budget??
BuzzyBee92 Posts: 142
Bags might be cheaper than boxes, like what you'd used to get at kid parties, and if they're smaller they'll appear more full with less stuff but still impact. Plus add some paper strips or glitter for bulk. You can get cute paper bags in Deals, Decobake, Craft Stores, Tiger.... Pick a few key items you'd like each hen to have in each bag....something to eat, something to wear e.g Temp Tattoo/Badge, something for hangovers or emergency e.g Hangover cure/ Lipbalm/ water I think 3 things should be enough. You can bulk them up with extra sweets and paper which are cheap. I wouldn't buy too much as some people might lose the stuff, particularly if it's plastic paraphernalia. Keep it cheap & cheerful.
20thMay2017 Posts: 153
My sister done this up for her hen a couple of years ago and she had bags instead of boxes and she had tissues, paracetmol (just 2), a bottle of water & a mini bottle of wine, a hen badge and a sash. The bags seemed good and full with all that in it. On a side note I don't think they were necessary, nobody was overly grateful or anything for them and it was just one more thing to carry onto the bus and another thing to think of & stress over and pay for!
lenak Posts: 7
I'm doing bags for my friends hen, someone suggested asking for make up/ skin care samples in some pharmacys.
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tásceitimíníorm Posts: 76
I did bags for a hen & was in the same predicament trying to fill them without spending too much. I included paracetamol, water, sweets & a tayto sandwich pack (bread, butter, plastic knife, napkin & bag of crisps) they went down v well. Some had that night after drinking. Others held off til morning.