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disco diva Posts: 41
Hi Guys, Just wanted to have a rant O:| I booked my Hen weekend for end of April. Murder Mystery Weekend. 2 nights B&B, evening meal, murder mystery night, costume hire and transport, €210! Personally I think it's a bargin. I had 22 people to ask, obviously not expecting everyone to go. But to my shock, only 4 people are coming. BEST FRIENDS aren't even coming, no money and cant get time off work! I;m sorry but I would beg, borrow and steal to go to my BEST FRIENDS hen weekend. It's not like it has came as a suprise, I booked my wedding 2 years ago O:| Does a hen night not go hand and hand with a wedding!! I not sure if i'm more upset or annoyed. Now all the different groups are saying, we must organise a night out, a mini hen!!!! NO! this is when I have arranged to have my hen night, so am i ment to have 5 or 6 nights out to suit everyone else. Sure a night out in Dublin with food, drink taxis, nightclub would not leave you with much change out of €200. I am being unreasonable???? Just wonder if anyone else has had trouble with their hen :wv
E and E Posts: 84
I had this rant when I organised my hen. My good friends from work just weren't coming and had no excuses for it. They all mentioned a mini hen too and I have no interest in it. Then I realised that my close friends would do anything to come so got over it quick enough. Don't be disheartened
LV Posts: 175
Oh my, that is dreadful. I told my chief bridesmaid what I want and she has done all the organising. Thank God. Don't know what to say, what a horrible thing to happen. I think the price is quite reasonable but then again with the way the economy is I suppose we don't know how others are faring. What is reasonable to you or I in the scheme of wedding costs might seem very expensive to someone else. That said though a close friend of mine having hen in Edinburgh in June and wild horses couldn't keep me away even though its only a month after our wedding. Do you have much time left before the hen, they might come round????
€210 maybe a bargian to you but maybe not to others...you dont know what anyones financial situation is....apart from the 210, they will def spend another 200 on drinks..food...etc...so you are talking about 400 euro...I know that I could definately NOT afford that I am in the process of organising my hen at the mo...will only be going for one night...got accomodation for 35euro each, and hope that the bus to bring us will be the about the same....I know everyone is sick of hearing the dreaded R word...but the fact still remains..people dont have money to flutter about anymore.
Rosiemay09 Posts: 218
thats awful, i'm just org mine at the moment and like that my oldest friend and hairdresser said she'll go for one night cos she has a 21 that weekend (we're 31) i am p'd off but trying not to let it bother me. and i agree a night out in dublin would cost about €300 with taxis and clubs and dinners etc. but take a step back, if you go to so much trouble and have 4 people going and be upset about it would you be better off having your close friends going to something in Dublin instead? ps my FMIL just rang and said she's coming to mine I bet noone else will go now!!!! O:| O:|
disco diva Posts: 41
It was about 9 weeks from when I asked everyone. I know money is tight for people, but I it's not like I just sprung it on them. I felt no effort was made, a €50 deposit would have done and the rest of the money not until end of April :o(
Trixy3 Posts: 2041
Oh that's terrible....but €400 for a weekend is a lot for people to be spending at the mo especially with the wedding coming up as well For my best friends hen we are going to Brussels for 2 nights and it is costing us €130 for the flights and accommodation. I hope it works out for you :thnk
chocbiscuitcake Posts: 658
I don't know where you all go out in Dublin but I would never dream of spending €300 on dinner, drinks and dancing. To the OP, I'm sorry your plans haven't worked out but it really is a lot of money for a lot of people. As someone else said, you have the €210 for the package you propose, then you would need to have lunch both days, and dinner on the other night and the cost of drinks and maybe a nightclub on one night. Plus maybe the cost of a childminder adn perhaps the chance of missing out on weekend pay / overtime at work. It really is a lot of money. Try not to take it personally; I'm sure when we were all flush with cash people would have come; it's just that circumstances change and people need to be much more careful with their money now.
B2B09 Posts: 203
I am sure your friends would all love to go on your hen but money is a serious issue for a lot of people right now, and €210 on the weekend away, plus as others said... an additional €200 on food/drink, etc in addition to an outfit for your wedding, probably an overnight (or two) and a present.... in the end it will cost them €1000 between the wedding and hen (plus stag for some couples). It does all add up. If you really want them all there, would you consider doing something less expensive? I know that might not seem fair, as it is your hen - but I guess it depends what you want from it, and I am sure you just want to spend time with the women who are important to you. (and it does sound like they want to be there for you, if they all want to arrange mini hens!). Best of luck with it all - and don't go upsetting yourself about it... things will work out!
cookies_gal Posts: 450
Totally understand your disappointed disco diva. Your hen is a big deal. Alot of the other girls have said very similar things to what I'd say. I'm actually in a reverse situation trying to keep the hen to a cheap one night occasion but my BF and sister are all excited to organise a weekend of it. We've come to an agreement cause other friends are either preg or not able to spend the cash etc.. The compromise is a night hosted by my mam with cocktails, cheap champers from M&S and lots of homemade food and decorations. (Might get makeup trials & hair trials). Then one night maybe in Waterford - great deals there for accom and cocktails & dinner less than €100. (Although I'd settle for the one night in my Mam's!!) The most important day of all is the wedding day & remember all your friends will be there for you then.