hen in carrick on shannon

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DaisyB Posts: 1708
hi all.. i know its the wrong place but it always gets more traffic over here :) have been looking into carrick on shannon for my hen, was wondering has anyone stayed in the courtyard apartments? i see on their web they have offers including dinner, booze cruise, entry to nightclub.. think this is murtaghs?.. so would love some info and opinions if anyone has done this thanks.. :wv
DaisyB Posts: 1708
anyone? :)
MrsAC Posts: 1190
Hey DaisyB I'm organinsing my sisters hens and we are going there in march have to say the girl that i have been dealing has been a great help , she is organising everything for the fri nite and you can go the boat trip on the sat but i miten do that as boats aren't everybody cup of tea. She also emailed me with loads of resturant details for the 2nd nite. If you want i can forward the email onto you wit the package and resturants . i'll try and PM the deatails to you. Ladybelle
wedded bliss Posts: 303
I havent stayed there but the location is good. Murtaghs bar is v good on a saturday night and your within walking distance of the other good pubs in the town
Tati Posts: 152
Ladybelle 12 i would really love this too if you could send it to me as well i would really appreciate it! x :lvs
MrsAC Posts: 1190
[quote="Tati":34zwg1zh]Ladybelle 12 i would really love this too if you could send it to me as well i would really appreciate it! x :lvs[/quote:34zwg1zh] Hey Tati Just PM this to you hope you get it Ladybelle
Tati Posts: 152
Thanks a million. I got it seems great valu. was thinking anne summers party the friday night and stay in then maybe do the cruise cocktails and dinner the sat night! wonder how this would work out price wise, who did u contact thanks a million x
MrsAC Posts: 1190
Hey Tati The girl i've been dealing with is catriona , she very helpful. I'm thinking of not ddoing the cruise thing as not all the girls are mad on boats , so going to see what options she has for us :wv
paddyswknd2010 Posts: 18
hi girls im going there on my hen in 2 weeks time staying in the apartments and having an ann summers party during the day. caitriona is great . i will let you know how it goes if i can find this tread in a few weeks. cant wait for it the only thing is we are doing fancy dress and caitriona said we can wear fancy dress into the bar in murtaghs but not upstairs to the niteclub part..which is a bit of a bummer so dont know what to do about that . someone said dunnes bar is also great crack????? O-O
cbb1982 Posts: 317
Yes Dunnes bar is very good, as is Murtaghs. The nightclub in Murtaghs is probably your best for later on, there is another one in the Landmark called "The Swinging Donkey" but it attracts a very young age group! Enjoy the Hen weekends in C - on - S, it is a great place for them, I am from near the area, but my friend from Dongeal had her hen their last Feb, it was brilliant!