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fredd Posts: 259
I'm looking for ideas for the theme for my hen. I want something to suit all ages and something that people won't have to spend a lot of money on.
McLisa Posts: 1815
First night of my hen we had a cocktail night and well went as Charlie angels...or rather mclisa's angels. Chief bridesmaid got class tshirts made up and we all had big hair, flares etc so no real expense...other than for cocktail class. On sat night we were going for big BBQ so we did Hawaiian beach theme, very cheap and easy, picked up all garlands for round your neck really cheap off eBay, girls all wore bright coloured clothes and flowers in their hair etc
lorraine78 Posts: 988
For our 1st night we did an 80's theme,lots of big hair and very bright colours.All bought cheaply from Penneys and Claires.2nd night we all wore black dresses and tried to have a more civilised night than the 1st,didnt succeed though!
fredd Posts: 259
Thanks for all the tips!
brideorbridezilla Posts: 512
McLisa, I like the sound of your themes. Do you mind if I ask where was your hen? Was it local, it sounds ideal, especially the BBQ! Thanks!
AquariusGal Posts: 512
We did schoolgirls...most people have an appropriate skirt/shorts/trousers and white shirt in their wardrobes, and ties were borrowed from OH's/brothers/friends, so there wasn't too much forking out to be done!