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jessibelle Posts: 23
trying to organise my hens and not one of my close friends ppl i know most of my life are or want to come!!!!! O:| i want to do the causey farm and all i keep hearing is its a farm!!!!!! it smells etc etc and there are other excuses!!!!!!!!!!!! should it not be what i want just for one day!!!!! yet they all expected to be invited to the wedding there is only one long time friend coming and the rest are ppl ive met through the years!!!!!! who i :o( now feel are better friends than the others!!!!!! any body else feel this way~??? or is it just my so called friends???? :o(
mrsandmr Posts: 366
Mines this weekend, and the turn out is going to be very poor, none of my 6 oldest friends can come (all for very good reasons) but its v depressing all the same, I'll only have 6 (inc me) for giddy studios and only 11 people for dinner! Pretty pathetic huh!
Muse Posts: 1580
from what i see here it seems to be a common thing. i'd hope that these girls who just dont go for the sake of it are ashamed afterwards. i'm sure they'd expect you to go to theirs.
lovelyb2b Posts: 733
I think its a pity about those close to you who won't go it is your hen after all. O and causey farm is brill I know somebody who works there and they say the amount of hens they have coming is mad and parties also. You go have a great time and feck the be grudgers!!!! :eek They should feel ashamed :wv
Miss Jingles Posts: 215
My sister sent out the invites to my hen night yesterday. So far family and 2 close friends replied. Work mates can't come cos of prior commitments but some of my really close friends haven't bothered to respond and I know they are free that weekend. It is really frustrating especially when I have been to their hen nights, weddings, baby's christenings, birthdays etc. One friend had two weekend s away for her hen which I went to. Anyway going to put them at the crap table, in a corner furtherest away from the bar beside a smelly man. Have to find a smelly man to invite first! Ok, rant over. Just know there are other people out there in the same boat and know how it feels. Go have have a good time.
vonanto Posts: 395
Me too its such a pain - i had told a really good friend of mine the date for my hen and AFTER she knew the date she organised something else for the same weekend O:| O:| O:| I wanted to go to Causey as well but the whole "financial situation" was apparantly keeping a lot of the girls from going so then I changed it to stay iin Limerick and now half of them have come up with even more excuses not to go!!! Anyway there will be about 10 of us kind of get embarrassed though when people keep asking how many are going on your hen - painful O:| O:|
Miss Jingles Posts: 215
Its seems to be a lot easier for blokes. H2B was organising his night and after sending the text around he got 20 replies in 5 minutes. Some have lost their jobs or have families but all are making an effort to go.
enchanted princess Posts: 117
My hen is this weekend and only 3 of my close friends are coming O:| 6 cant come and the rest is family. I was nearly in tears last night. Im so worried all my family are going to think I am pure loner who has no friends. Im half dreading the weekend
vonanto Posts: 395
Hey enchanted princess I'm exactly the same I feel so awkward about the whole thing really. Knew I would feel like this and let my sister and bm talk me into it, then I tried to suggest combining the hen and stag but got totally shot down by everyone including h2b
jessibelle Posts: 23
hi girls , its just so frustrating! you bend over backwards for them and you get nothin in return!!!!! id rather ppl just told me the truth it makes it worst knowing their lying!!!!!!!!!!!! my poor h2b suggested that he would give me money to help the girls out if it was money!!!!!! but i wont let him its not the point!!! id rather blow it on the ppl who have replied!!!!!! :o(