Here is my birth story

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Miki Posts: 309
Here is my birth story, I don’t know if its a good one or a bad one. Looking back now I’d say it’s a positive one, at the time I probably wouldn’t agree!. It all started last Sunday 27th May. I woke at 8am with my usual back pain - id gotten so used to it only it was slightly worse. I thought nothing of it as it had just got worse and worse over the previous two weeks and had brought me to tears more than once. I got up at pottered around the house, took two paracetamol. Which did nothing, me and my hubby had planned on going to tescos to get in a big shop cause I was 2 days overdue and we knew something was going to happen sooner than later. My hubby wanted me to stay in bed but to be honest I just wanted to get out of the house so off to tescos we went. While on the frozen food aisle it sudden hit me the pain in my back was constant but was becoming more intense and wearing off now and then – that was the first time I thought ‘this might be it’. Anyway, came home put away the shopping and decided to go to bed for a few hours and try time the pains to see if they were actually contractions. But no joy, totally erratic and at one point I thought I was imagining the pains getting worse, I couldn’t find any sort of pattern at all. At around 2pm I noticed some pinky blood and I decided to ring the hospital (after my hubby begging me to do it all morning). Anyway, they told me to come in and get checked out. It was my hubbys idea to throw the hospital bag in the back of the car. I really thought id be home on the couch that night with corrie and a Chinese! When we got to the hosp I was examined and the midwife confirmed that yes I was in labour and I was 2cm! I couldn’t believe it. I was left to my own devices for an hour or so, hubby got the bags from the car and then things started to slow down so I was told to go for a walk which didn’t really help. I was grand at this stage, id had these pains 2 weeks so there wasn’t a bother on me. At around 5pm the midwife decided it would speed things up if she broke my waters but it was up to me if I wanted her to do it. I was scared sh**less but I told her to go for it. It wasn’t painful at all, uncomfortable would more be the word. My hubby stayed with me and thought it was the funniest thing in the world. I ended up in fits of laughter and with each laugh came another gush. At 7pm I got the epidural. After it was done I lay back and waited for this ‘wonder drug’ to kick in, except it didn’t! Called the midwife back, at this stage im 4cm and in a lot of pain so she called the anesthetist back, and she did an other one. Well I couldn’t feel a bloody thing, I was totally numb – for 3 hours. It was great while it lasted. It all started with a little twinge in my back, half an hour later the epidural had totally worn off, I got the maximum top up more than once, and they couldn’t give me any more. At this stage I was 6cm and feeling every contraction. I was so scared, I just kept thinking, I couldn’t push with this pain. It was now around 12am and I was worn out. I did breath through the contractions and it really does help but oh my god was it sore. I was examined again around 2am and I was 7cm – at this stage I was out of it and in agony and totally exahusted. The midwife told me that the baby was still quite high and she had got into distress. I wasn’t dilating fast enough so she called the consultant in who said it was time for a section. I was so shocked when told this. I wasn’t upset, just in shock. So was my hubby. That was at 2am and then at 2.34am on Monday 28th of May baby Grace was born weighing in at 7lbs 9oz. I t happened that fast! The only thing that upset me was they thought they might have to knock me out for it cause of all the drugs that hadn’t worked on me! Lucky enough they didn’t and everything was fine. I remembering shedding at tear at the time but to be honest with all the drugs pumped in to me that day its all a bit of a blur after that! Apparently I was wheeled back up to my room. She was taken to the nursery cause I was numb from the neck down so I didn’t get a proper look till hours later. Anyway, that’s it!. She is totally perfect and a little beauty. I would do it over a million times. Getting a section isn’t half as bad as I thought it would be. Her daddy is crazy about her and the love I feel for her and him brings me to tears every day.
lal Posts: 403
Ahh Miki thats fab. I would say thats a very positive story. Congrats to you and DH on baby Grace (such a beautiful name) and hats off to you mrs, sounds like you played a blinder!!! Thanks for sharing. x lal
swissgirl Posts: 2301
Hi Miki, That is fabulous news and congratulations on baby grace (love that name). It does sound like a challenging birth. Given your experience with epidural do you reckon you'll bother with one the next time ? Congrats sg
mummy bear Posts: 3824
awwww miki thats a lovely birth story and congrats to you both love the name too :o)ll
Desert-Moon Posts: 1174
Congrats miki! So glad baby is doing well. :o)ll How are you feeling? I heard it takes a while to recover from section. Do you need to stay in bed, or are you up and about?
pattie Posts: 2379
Brilliant birth story, thanks so much for posting it. Congrats on your little girl, love the name.
Elliecat Posts: 2725
Congrats, delighted all went well.
Miki Posts: 309
i have to say i feel great, not a bother. the first day after they got me out of the bed in hospital was horrible but every day after i was up about and walking around. only home from the hosptial 2 days, feel a bit weak sometimes and if i get pain two panadol kick it. I really thought it would be much worse!
Mrs Lucy06 Posts: 929
CONGRATULATIONS MIKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much for posting your birth story, I think these are a great idea as we are all in the one boat better knowing the truth!!!! Glad to hear you & Grace (love the name!!) are doing well!!!!! Take Care Lucy
babe06 Posts: 898
Oh wow thats fab Miki thanks for filling us in. Delighted to here a csection isn't hat bad as you never know. How long was it till you first got to hold her? And did it matter at all or was it juts wonderfull?