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Yonka Posts: 148
Whatever you do, and however much it is saving you DON'T get someone you know, or someone too close to you to do anything for your wedding, you'll feel obliged and if something goes wrong you won't be able to say a thing and will be seething inside! Believe me, I speak from experience :o0 My bridesmaids dresses were not altered the way I wanted them and came back smelling like ashtrays, with stains (including blood, grease & what looks like food!) all over them and with 1 crooked at the end and too short, and all because I let a girl in work convince me that her mother is an expert dressmaker who worked in a bridal shop since she was 12 or some such shite and me like an eejit believes her. I can't do a thing about it except tell my photographer not to get the bridesmaid (who is my daugher :weep ) feet in the pictures >:o( >:o( Also I had to send all 3 dresses in for drycleaning :ooh brand new dresses, I ask you. Also I felt obliged to have my hairdresser who does my colour do my hair for my wedding and it looks like she is going to make a balls of it before it's even done (long story, have another post on this) so I'm not even hesitating with this one, I'm not having her do it, feck that! Bit of a rant there but some good advise, anyone want to add to it?? Could save some poor wollies a bit of unnecessary stress! :)
islandlil Posts: 1059
yes be careful what you let people you know do for you! one thing we got a large discount on was only so-so looking and we didn't ask for what we really wanted as we didn't want to put them out. Also another wedding thing which was a gift was only ok too and i was disappointed on the day with it. it was a bit cheap/odd looking. Now when ever I see other wollies pics i think wow theirs are so much nicer. so while I was v grateful i was not delighted with end products. (can't say what they were for fear of being recognised!) :-8 However OP your experience sounds dreadful, WTF were they thinking- >:o(
Steph2 Posts: 1044
Jeez - I'm glad now I stuck to my guns. Had people I know offering to do hair, make-up, make the cake, do the photographs..... I had a big discussion with my fiance about this at the outset that I didn't want anybody I knew playing an integral part in wedding services - you have very little come back if something goes wrong and you can't lose the head with them when they make a bags of it. I'm so sorry that you guys had bad experiences like this - reading your posts has made me breathe a sigh of relief that I stuck my my own little rule on this issue! Wedding isn't until next year so hopefully everything will go according to plan now! I've probably just jinxed myself by posting this :o0
lisaodwyer Posts: 25
Had to chime in here as a professional photographer. When I've done photography for friend's or family's weddings, it has actually turned out to be disappointing. Because I knew the couple, they felt strange having me tell them what to do, and other people I knew distracted me and I couldn't get the pictures I wanted. When a person hires me and pays me money to photograph their wedding, I do my ABSOLUTE best to make sure they have the best photography possibly. I hate to say it, but when someone isn't paying me...I don't work as hard :) Just telling the truth! I would say it's the same for most vendors unless they are absolutely just starting out and are desperate for experience (but then they really don't have experience and you can't expect perfection). For a hopefully once-in-a-lifetime event, it pays to do your research and be discriminating!