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NotHere Posts: 10273
I'm going to be very quiet on here mid week from now on :o( There's been a big crack down on Internet usage at work so I can't even have a quick check in during the day. There's even been talk of disciplinary action for Internet users! :eek Roll on maternity leave until I get out of that fecking place!! Anyway, baby is doing great, kicking away here as I type. I've been having really strong feelings for my little bundle lately, can't wait to meet him/her. Hope this doesn't make the time go slower because it's gone fast so far. Ante-natal classes are starting in a couple of weeks and once they're finished I'll be 31 weeks! So congrats to those who've got their BFP's and the girls who've had their babies lately, I probably won't get time to congratulate everyone individually but I am delighted for ye all :o)ll
Topolino Posts: 1659
Ah Flutterby. What a pain. How dare they expect you work??? :o0 Have you no internet access at home? You'll be missed. Glad to hear all's going well. I feel the same as you re. the feelings for your baby. I'm very protective already - God knows what I'll be like when they're born!