Hi - been gone for a while - how are all the Oct mammies?

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married wolly Posts: 120
hello ladies - in the middle of moving house so was unable to get on line - how are all you October Mums to Be - i am getting bigger by the day - and feel great Thank God - still get tired quite quickly but otherwise - in good form - how bout the rest of you? :wv
Sphynx Posts: 6795
hi there married wolly :wv! how is the move going? God you have a lot going on this year! I am doing well - I went through a major growth spurt at 16/17 weeks and got huge more or less overnight! Has calmed down now and I even have some hopes of having a "neat" bump after all! Have been feeling really fine for the last couple of weeks - basically no symptoms other than very weird dreams, tireness and slightly swollen fingers. No movement yet and I'm getting impatient! Big scan is tomorrow - wish me luck. Will report back after that. How is everyone else?
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
I'm really tired too and had a dreadful headache all day yesterday and went to bed with one on saturday night too :o( Rested all day and fell asleep and then couldnt sleep last night just my luck! :o( so im wrecked today again Jeez I have a terribel cramp on my left side right now,what is that...
Sphynx Posts: 6795
Dolly I had some cramps too - think it might be you organs rearranging themselves to make room for your expanding uterus! :eek
deem Posts: 710
i've had bad pains on right hand side at lower end of ribs, gp said it was my liver, he said it expands during pg and that it would probably get worse, I said oh thanks what else havnt you told me a bout, he just laughs off, oh lots but we wont go into them until they happen. The end bit is the best one! :o0 :eek What could i say to that
the moms Posts: 1427
Hi Married Wolly, I've just moved house too. How are you settling in? I've been cleaning and painting for the last two weeks, it's pretty tiring but great to see the place start to come together. The bump is starting to get bigger. I think I've been feeling movements for the last couple of weeks, kind of a fluttering feeling. Looking forward to my scan next week. Good luck with yours tomorrow Sphynx! Dolly Dora, are you ok?? I saw your other post on the pains you've been having. Did you see your doctor? Hope you feel better soon.
married wolly Posts: 120
Great to hear you are all doing well - been having some cramps too - so at leasts that's most of us!! - must be the body making room! Yeah im still bit tired aswell - just get tired quicker i suppose - with the move too its not helping. Anyway keep well girlies - hope to be online a bit more now - missed my little pregnant buddy's