Hiccups and kicks

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madmam Posts: 1294
Hey experienced girls, I was wondering if any of ye can tell me what the difference is between feeling your baba hiccup and feeling it kick? Just curious! *)
bree Posts: 1880
the hiccups are very regular, in one area only & last for a period of say 5-10mins...kicking can be random& anywhere and when he/she is being very active you'l feel arms/legs everywhere around the bump..and its not as regular as hiccups ( hiccups almost feel like the heartbeat should...you can see that they look differnt on the outside too... kicks look more aggresive iykwim)
mama sugar Posts: 1387
it is hard to put into words but when I felt like baby was like it was having a fit I believe that was hicups! it is more obvious my babs seems to get hicups quiet a bit and it has been head down in position and you can feel the hicups in you uterus it is very regular and you can really distinguish the difference x
madmam Posts: 1294
Thanks girls, I think I know the difference now alright - the hiccups feel like muscles spasms, and kicks feel like....well, kicks! I think my little man hiccups a lot! *)